A general rant on how to write stories

I realise quite a few people have done these, but here's mine. Just general ways to improve your stories (in my opinion). Or I might just complain about how people write things in general.


9. Tiny details

Now, I know these are boring things to write, but when books/movella blatantly miss out the small details, it irritates me a lot. Here are just a few examples:

-Periods. Yes, it's a awkward topic to write about, especially if you're self-conscious, but it happens to everyone (well, all girls). But strangely in books/movellas, that never seems to happen to girls. Sadly, that means that your character cannot 'do it' with everyone 24/7. I must say, not in one single fan fiction, have I ever found a sex scene where halfway through the girl says she can't because it's her time of the month (just so you know, I don't go around reading erotica. I'll often flick through things and find 'those' scenes. Sorry, had to clear that up). Frankly, I can't wait until I do. 

-Going to the toilet (as pointed out by Amelie). In books, no-one ever goes to the toilet. I'm not saying you should graphically describe them going to the loo every single time, but a few 'I popped to the toilets, then readied myself for what I was about to do's would be good.

-Money. In these sorts of things, people always spend ages picking out an outfit. In none of these does the person only have one or two outfits, because they don't have any money. Not everyone has a billion clothes, as I know all too well.

-Family. In lots of writing, the parents never seem to mind their daughter gallivanting off to the far corners of the Earth, and just leave her be. And they're never doing anything with her at the weekend, so she can go out on a billion dates. In my life, no way is that true. At the weekend I have to turn down all of my hot dates (joking) because I'm doing something with my family. And if I ever were to get a boyfriend and go places with him, they would be incredibly nosy as to where I went, who he was, what we were doing and when we would be back.

-Various plagues. Everyone gets ill, fact. Now, I don't have to complain too much about getting ill in books, as most people cover that nicely. But so you know, characters get just as ill as real people, and are bound to have a day off every now and then. But something not covered is the common cold. Loads of people get them at winter, yet hardly anyone in books has them. Now, I realise it's convenient for you character not to have a runny nose while kissing some guy, but it's far more realistic if they do, and a lot more funny.

So, just a few of the tiny little details that people miss out, which annoy me to no ends. There are definitely more, but my brain is too tired to think of them. Apologies for not updating lately, I may have exhausted a lot of my repertoire, but I'll keep searching for more things to rant about soon. 

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