A general rant on how to write stories

I realise quite a few people have done these, but here's mine. Just general ways to improve your stories (in my opinion). Or I might just complain about how people write things in general.


5. Romance

Go pick up a romance novel. Flick through it. Pick up another one. Flick through it.

Same storyline?

I thought so.

Basically, nearly every movella has the same storyline. Here is just a few:

-Girl and guy are in love, but cannot be together. They fight the odds and end up together.

-Girl likes guy. They fall in love. They briefly break up/have argument/have some reason they cannot be together. They get back together.

I bet you have seen that before. I certainly have.

Come on people, let's have some variety. Make the girl hate the guy. I realise it's been done before, but maybe he's actually really nice. Maybe she's just a bitch. Or he's mean to her, so she just gets together with another guy.

Mix it up a bit. She could barely notice the guy until the very end, but goes out with another boy throughout. They can be together, but she dislikes him. He likes her, she maybe likes him, but then turns out to be a lesbian? That'd certainly be interesting to read.

Okay, those are terrible ideas. I'm so bad with romance. 

Sorry that these are just for Romance. But anyway, try and avoid overused storylines. 

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