A general rant on how to write stories

I realise quite a few people have done these, but here's mine. Just general ways to improve your stories (in my opinion). Or I might just complain about how people write things in general.


6. Confusing characters

This is something I don't notice too much (thankfully), but is still incredibly irritating when I read it.

Basically, when you go and set up a character and you're enjoying it and it's pretty good, then BAM they go and do something that the character you've set up would never do.

If you're confused, here's an example. A really bold, outgoing punk girl who has trouble in the council flats. Sounds like a legit storyline. Then suddenly, when some hot guy looks at her, she blushes and turns to the floor. Sorry for capitals, but WTF? She would never do that! She'd stare right back!

Another example, something I see in 1D stories frequently. The girl is exactly the same as she is in every other story (pretty, popular, in love with 1D at school), but that's not relevant right now. If they go rock climbing, or something, then she's the first one to go up and reaches the top easily. Then, suddenly she's too scared to ask out Zayn. WHAT? She's clearly a fearless person!

A way to help with this, is just get your character completely set out in your head. For some reason, I have no problem with this. To me it's just easy to know what the character would do. But if you struggle with that, try and get under their skin. Think of a few situations, consider their personality, and work out what they would do.

In short, keep your characters constant.

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