My Savior

Blake has been abused by her parents for almost her who life.
But when she enters a One Direction concert and the webcam doesn't shut off.
She is finally saved, but you'll never guess by who.


2. chapter 2.

I sat up and the police officers looked at me in horror. I saw Jenna standing in the hallway and she just gasped. The officer turned around. Miley and Criss looked at me in the hallway. "How could you do this to your daughter?" the officer asked. "She doesn't deserve life. She isn't blonde like Jenna and she isn't anything like Jenna!" Miley yelled. I looked at Miley. "You're not even a true blonde! You have brown hair!" I screamed. "What did they say to you?" the officer asked me. "They called me a ugly little bitch because I entered a One Direction contest! And I played guitar!" I yelled. "Jenna, did you know that they abuse her?" the officer asked. "N-no!" she said. "Yes she did!" Criss yelled. Jenna gave Criss a evil look. Then, I started to feel dizzy. I felt light-headed.
Then I was on the ground.

I woke up in the hospital with news reporters around me. "Blake! Blake what happened?!" they asked. "I passed out." I mumbled. "Everyone out!!" I yelled. They obeyed and left. I looked at the officer next to me. "How did you all find out that I was being abused by them?" I asked. "A boy called. They dropped us clues but didn't give a name or an address." he sighed. Then he left. I felt curiosity get the best of me and got on twitter.
I saw over millions of tweets to me. "Blake! I'm so sorry babe! Stay strong <3." some said. I smiled and opened the new tweet box.
"@Blakeyy7780: who told to cops that I was being beaten?" I tweeted. Almost instantly a reply hit my screen.
"@HarryStyles: me ."
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