My Savior

Blake has been abused by her parents for almost her who life.
But when she enters a One Direction concert and the webcam doesn't shut off.
She is finally saved, but you'll never guess by who.


1. Chapter 1

"You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you. You'll never treat yourself right, darling but I want you to. If I let you kno-o-ow I'm here..for you. Maybe you love youself like you. Ohh."

I sang into my webcam and put my guitar back. "That was my entry for the Little Things Contest. My name is Blake Keaton Wiley. I live in England, I'm 18 years old and-" I heard the front door slam. "My parents are home! Oh God, I have to go!" I tried to hit the end button before the ran into my room. I sat in my purple skull pajama shorts and a tanktop. I had my hair in a messy bun and I stood up. "Miley! Criss!" I yelled. "What were you doing?!" Miley yelled, Miley is my mom. "I was entering a One Direction contest to meet them." I stammered. "You'll never meet them! Why would you win?! There's thousands of girls with a better voice than you!" Criss yelled. "They don't love ugly little bitches like you!" Criss swung back and punched my face. Hard. I fell back and hit the mirror that the webcam was facing. It shattered and glass fell and cut my face. I felt the blood trickle down each cut. He smacked my face and pulled my hair. He eventually knocked my nose and left me with a bloody face in my room. I got up and looked at the webcam. I felt the tears come on and I looked away. I saw my face in the webcam and I had blood everywhere. "I'm sorry you had to see that." I whispered and I started crying. "I love you One Direction. Goodbye." I whispered and waved and shut the camera off.

I didn't leave my room. I didn't shower off the blood. I didn't change clothes. I just fell asleep. I woke up at 4:00 am. with police cars surrounding my house. I woke up and a officer was tapping my shoulder. I was hidden under the covers and he asked me to get up. I got out and he looked at my face. "Oh God." He said.

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