The Odds'

Its a Harry styles and Niall Horan (One direction) fanfiction;
Who would ever believe me if I were to tell them that I KNOW one direction. No one. I mean who would, I`m just an ordinary girl... Until its published all over the world. Thats when my life begins to change, well not only mine but my sisters as well (Jessie). How we met, you may ask.. It all began at laser quest...


8. Chapter 8: Interview to solve the problem


Chapter 8: Interview to solve the problem


Nialls' p.o.v.

            We were sitting on the couch at the hotel, watching the telly. We heard a knock on the door, and all the boyz' got up except for Liam and me. Finally I grabbed hold of the remote control and changed channel, all these cooking channels were beginning to make me hungry... So i decided to put the 'Much Music' on. They were playing the top ten tunes, but i wasn't paying much attention. Until...

"Latest celebrity gossip," came the voice of the host on the telly, "Harry Styles cheating on Sandy." a picture of Harry and Haley 'kissing' was all over the telly.

            But right at that moment, the lads' came in with the ladies following behind. I quickly gazed up to notice Sandys' reaction... To be honest it was priceless. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but us lads' (except for Harry) didn't really like Sandy. Whenever she was around she made Harry do things he usually never did, and we felt as if we couldn't be ourselves around her.

"Umm, Harry what's all this about?" she questioned, clearly she was pissed, but she tried to hide it.

"Ohh, that's nothing." Liam mentioned lifting his head to meet her gaze. She gave him a glare.

"Doesn't seem like nothing..." she replied getting annoyed that Harry didn't answer yet.

"It's nothing," Harry said trying to reassure her, but she quickly stormed off towards his bed room. God she has a bad temper! "I'll give her a few minutes to cool off." he told us, and took the seat next to me, "Why won't she believe me?" he muttered under his breath...

            My phone beeped a couple of times, telling me i received a text message. I wonder who it was? Reaching in my pocket, to get out my cell, I looked at the message, 'Interviewer arriving in five minutes, tell everyone else... And tell Harry to arrange the problem with the cheating!' it was a message from Simon. "Hey? Lads' do any of you know we have an interview in five minutes?" I asked looking at each of them. They all slowly shook their heads in disproval, just as I imagined they would do. "Well, Simon just texted me to tell me and he told me to tell you, Harry, to fix the problem with the cheating situation.".

"So, Simon arranged an interview so Harry can put away all the rumors about the cheating situation." Zayn said understanding the situation, "Well that was fast!" We all shook are heads in agreement.

Five minutes later...

"Hi, were One Direction." we all chimed at the same time, "I'm Louis", "Zayn", "Liam", "Harry", "and I'm hungry!" I said and motioned myself towards the kitchen. Everyone broke out in laughter. What it's true I'm really hungry. As I motioned myself back, with a good looking peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my hands, I sat in-between Harry and Liam.

"Good to have you back Niall," the lady said, "So Harry is it true about all the rumors?" she questioned looking at Harry.

"Well like you just said they are rumors, nothing more and nothing less." he stated twisting her words but not giving a direct answer. My phone began to beep again... Who was texting me again? I reached for my phone to realize who texted me... it was from Jessie, 'I cannnn C U... jfhsdkajglk... jk :P, can't wait till tonight :) I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me YEAH!!!' I mentally slapped myself, this girl was just plain weird sometimes, but that's what I like about her, you never know what she'll do next!

"So why don't you all read me your latest texts that you received..." the lady asked pointing towards Harry first. He reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out his phone.

"Do I have to..." he protested, but Louis came behind him and snatched his phone.

"You stupid... s*** face, a** hole, how could you cheat on me, what did I do to deserve this? And you don't even have the guts to explain!!!" Louis read out, Harry glared at him and just got up and left.

"NOTHING IS GOING ON BETTWEEN ME AND HALEY!" he shouted while heading towards his room to talk to Sandy... Yup you guessed right, Sandy was the one that sent the text.

"Okay, that was AWKWARD! What about you Niall, do you have a PG13 text message?" she questioned me. I glanced down at my phone, the recent texted I received was from Jessie.

"Umm, it's from a recent friend... 'I cannnn C U... jfhsdkajglk... jk :P, can't wait till tonight :) I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me YEAH!!!" I said proud to call her my friend.

"Are you sure your just friends... I mean text screams more than friends?" she questioned me.

"We just met." I simply replied not refusing the fact that I wouldn't mind being more than friends, but not at this very moment. Like I just said 'We just met'.

            She continued on asking questions to all the other lads', when I received another text from Jessie, 'Omg, you just read my text to the world... how embarrassing :$' reading the text made me laugh, but I simply replied, 'But that's what I love about you -xx'.


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