The Odds'

Its a Harry styles and Niall Horan (One direction) fanfiction;
Who would ever believe me if I were to tell them that I KNOW one direction. No one. I mean who would, I`m just an ordinary girl... Until its published all over the world. Thats when my life begins to change, well not only mine but my sisters as well (Jessie). How we met, you may ask.. It all began at laser quest...


7. Chapter 7: We meet again


Chapter 7: We meet again


Haleys' p.o.v.

            I can't believe I have to see his face again... What am I saying... The boy came to my rescue, without him who knows what would have happened! But why did he have to kiss me... Out of all the random stuff that could have happened, he choose to KISS ME.

            I am probably over thinking all this, I mean at first I was taken by surprise from his actions. Then after I thought he might finish what the other guy didn't, I mean he was a complete stranger to me.

            But then when Jessie and I talked in the hotel room, I realised that Harry Styles was the one that kissed me. Usually I wouldn't care, I mean have you seen the guy, he's not so hard on the eyes. But pushing that aside, the timing was completely off and he had a girlfriend and he still kissed me. To my eyes that makes me a horrible person... But i didn't know who he was at first and I didn't know he had a girlfriend and I wasn't the one who kissed him, so why am I blaming myself and feel the way I do!

            Oh, I forgot... I felt super bad for hitting him and dashing off... I mean I didn't even thank him for saving me. Maybe I should thank him when we meet again. Well the odds' that he remembers me are slightly low but high at the same time, I mean he knows my name (if he remembers), but it was quite dark so he probably didn't notice how i looked!

"OMG, Niall just waved at me!" Jessies' voice ringed through my ears, "I think he might remember me." Joy flowed through her voice. I looked at the direction of the boyz' and caught Harry looking back at me. OMG, he remembers me... "I think we are next in line," Jessies' voice softly drifted through my head.

            Everything began to spin and I am pretty sure I am going to hurl...

Harrys' p.o.v.

            "C'mon carry on... No PICTURES... Next!" the sound of the body guards kept yelling.

            "I'm gonna wave at her!" exclaimed Nialls voice, making me gaze at him, "What I want her to know that I remember her!" he said, thinking that he needed to explain. My gaze drifted off towards the crowd, looking for her (HALEY). As I spotted her I just couldn't remove my eyes from the sight of her, she was next in line, then she lifted her eyes from the ground and spotted me starring right back at her. Awkward! I quickly regained myself and changed the direction of my eyesight. To be honest she didn't look to good.

            As our body guard called next, Jessie (the girl Niall fancies), tugged Haleys' arm and began walking forward. She gave us all warming smiles, but went directly to Niall and began a quick conversation.

            Only then did i notice Haley didn't follow, she was slowly finishing getting up the stairs. Her face was completely pale and she really didn't look to good. I realised she held the ramp of the stairs quite strongly... What was wrong with her, I mean even though i kissed her she didn't have to look so disgusted! I'm not that bad in kissing. Am I?

            But before i could finish my little debate, I realised she was about to faint. Her legs quickly lost strength, and she was falling towards our table head first. I got up and jumped quickly over the table, getting plenty of glances from everyone surrounding us. Did no one notice the girl about to faint! I was cursing in my head, why did I have to be the one seated at the end of the table... All I wanted was to be able to get there faster than my poor legs were capable of going...

            I hope I arrive in time!

Haleys' p.o.v.

            Everything went black... All I remember was hearing everyone gasp! what just happened?

            As the blackness disappeared, and my eyes adjusted to the shining light. I realised something was mushy beneath me. I hesitated before opening my eyes... Once I did I quickly regretted it! Not again... But this time it was worst, cameras were flashing everywhere, and I only had the strength to roll over.

            As my body hit the floor I groaned, my head was killing me! "So we meet again, but this time you're the one that does the move on me." He replied, and when I mean he I mean Harry Styles. Was he being serious, I was about snap at him when I heard him groan... What was he groaning on about. I quickly flashed open my eyes, and to my surprise an injured Harry Styles lay before me.

            He saved me again... But this time he literally took the fall for me. Instead of me banging my head on the signing table he caught me and banged his back in the corner. Despite the result to how everything finished (me falling lips first onto his), I couldn't believe he did that for me.

"Thanks," I whispered, so only he can comprehend.

"For what, allowing you to kiss me because you couldn't resist me anymore." he whispered back. Was he being serious? "I'm joking," he quickly replied, probably because of the look on my face. "Well I guess this is going to be on the newspapers."

"What..." but before I could say anything else we were surround by plenty of people, well mostly harry. Jessie came to my side and grabbed hold of me, pulling me out of the crowd.

"Are you alright?" she questioned me, but right at that moment I wasn't... All I wanted to do was stay with Harry on that floor, and return back to when time had completely froze, but reality quickly caught up...


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