The Odds'

Its a Harry styles and Niall Horan (One direction) fanfiction;
Who would ever believe me if I were to tell them that I KNOW one direction. No one. I mean who would, I`m just an ordinary girl... Until its published all over the world. Thats when my life begins to change, well not only mine but my sisters as well (Jessie). How we met, you may ask.. It all began at laser quest...


6. Chapter 6: The truth comes out


Chapter 6: The truth comes out


Haleys' p.o.v

"Hello... Earth to Haley! Did you even hear what i just said." ringed the annoyed voice of Jessie waving her hands in front of me.

"Hmm, what?" was all that i could say.

            Well you can't blame me for being in deep thought... I mean i was still processing the fact that the guy i met in laser quest was Harry Styles. I mean I wouldn't have done what i did, if only i knew ahead... But he is to blame as well! Right?

"Your impossible!" came back the annoyed voice of Jessie...

            Poor girl, I bet i was ruining this whole event for her, because of my crappy mood. If only I could tell her, but I'm afraid she wouldn't look at me the same. I mean I can't even look at myself the same... I'm a horrible person!

            Dramatic much?... COMPLETELY!

            I bet he doesn't even care what we did!

Zayns' p.o.v.

            I seriously can't wait till the show. Excited much?... Completely. I mean who wouldn't be, our girlfriends are flying out to come see the show. Well that is Louis', mine and Harry'. Niall and Liam still haven't found the one.

            I wonder what's up with Harry, he's been acting strange ever since laser quest. Well i guess that's what happens when a girl kills you at your own game, to be honest it was hilarious. He doesn't even know that i know. Maybe i should tell him that i know, so he can talk to me and tell me what's running through his brain. I'm not even quite certain i want to know... Then again he is my mate.

Louis' p.o.v

             I keep replaying the event that happened last night, well I mean the intense conversation Harry and I had.

*Flashback Begins*

            Why won't he just tell me what's bothering him! I mean if it were me I would have spilled every detail... I thought we were closer!

"Harry..." I dragged on, annoyed that he wouldn't tell me! "C'mon mate, I thought we were closer than this." sadness filling in my voice. I mean ever since we finished laser quest he just didn't seem the same.

            Before entering laser quest, we couldn't get him to quiet down about tomorrow and the fact that we were going to see our girlfriends, but now whenever we mention it he always tenses up. What's up with that?

"Maybe seeing Sandy tomorrow will lighten your mood," I said hoping to see at least a small smile cross his face... Nothing! What's going on?

Harrys' p.o.v.

"Maybe seeing Sandy tomorrow will lighten your mood," Louis said causing me to flinch at the mention of her name. I hope he didn't notice.

            I sighed, why won't they all just back off. Can't he see I wasn't in the mood of talking. God I hate myself! I am getting all pumped up after my best mate. Why? because of a stupid mistake!

            Well, I keep questioning myself if it was a mistake.

"Sorry Lou, I don't mean to take this out on you, but I'm just so confused!" I hushed, frustrated with myself for keeping everything to myself. Why couldn't I just tell him? Oh, right... He wouldn't look at me the same! God, I don't even look at myself the same!

Louis' p.o.v.

"Sorry Lou, I don't mean to take this out on you, but I'm just so confused!" Harry whispered, barely loud enough for me to comprehend, but who am i to complain, at least he was speaking to me. "If you only knew what I did, you wouldn't look at me the same!" He was literally beginning to frighten me. What could be so horrible for me not to look at him the same way? What did he do?

Harrys' p.o.v

            I finally decided that I had to tell him, I couldn't keep it in me much longer. And maybe he will find a solution to my problem or just hate me...

"Lou... Listen to me, I have to tell you something, but you have promise not to tell anyone else and don't judge, I've already beaten myself up enough. What I need is a friend! No what I need is you! I need you, Louis." reading his face, I could already see he was completely serious. That's what i love so much about him. He could be goofy like crazy, but when it came to serious stuff, he was 100% serious. "During laser quest..." I watched as he waited for me to continue, "I met someone, well a girl to be more specific..." his eyes' widen as I mentioned the word 'girl', but he quickly regained himself, "At first I didn't really care, I mean we were playing laser quest and I knew we weren't alone, but I guess I kinda got carried away with the thought that I could seduce anyone... I mean I didn't want to die just because i was being careless..." he looked at me trying to picture it i guess, "I was having fun, and i was sure that i had her wrapped around my grip after she gave me her name, but then she stepped forward and just stared at me. I thought to myself that it was as easy as taking candy from a child, but then everything back fired. And in a fraction of a second she shot me and I was dead..." he stared at me like waiting for the dramatic part," Right at that moment something in my heart just clicked... I mean she completely brushed me off and didn't care about me, and because of that I wanted more. So after when I 'revived', I went looking for her." Louis looked so worried, I mean who wouldn't be, everyone knew that I liked girlz' that were hard to get, "Then I finally found her, but she wasn't alone, someone was approaching her. So I decided to stick back and see how things were going to happen. As I watched, the person came closer to her, threatening her, like she did with me. But quickly I realised that she shot him, but all he did was approach her even more. She began backing away, only to find herself bumping into the wall that lay behind her... Only then did I realise that they were in a dead end." I cursed at the thought of replaying  the scene in my head, "All the signs' were there and all I did was watch!" Tears began to threaten to descend my face.

"He didn't..." Louis began, but I quickly cut him off.

"She looked completely petrified. And as she began to push him away, trying to escape from his grip, he began to unbuckle his pants!" a tear escaped my eye, and freely flowed down my cheek, "But that's when I realised what I was witnessing  in front of my eyes. So I headed towards them and shouted out 'STOP', but before they could hear me I heard a loud 'SMACK'. After hearing that, everything went black and all I remember was preparing myself to give the guy one last swing, when Haley, the girl, took hold of my arm and held it back. Making me face her in utter surprise. She just stared at me, pleading me to stop with her eyes. I couldn't believe she was protecting him, after he just hit her in the face, I mean she still had the mark on her beautiful face." Louis slowly shook his head, telling me to continue on, "The guy got up and ran away like the coward he was. I asked her why she held me back, and she replied 'You don't deserve to give that guy any more attention than the attention you already gave him. And anyways, you don't seem like the violent type of person,' which she was right 'And i didn't want you to do something that you would have regretted.' I was completely shocked, I mean, I couldn't believe she stopped me because she was afraid i would regret it. The only thing I regret was not running after him! But then after she snapped me out of my head by saying 'Anyways' it's not like he did anything, I mean you stopped him before he could' I was completely blown away by the comment. I wasn't sure if she was being serious or trying to put some humor in the situation, either way it wasn't funny. So i replied, 'He unbuckled his pants and scared you to death, and then he hit you, what more could he have done?' she replied 'He could of rapped me or killed me, but he didn't! He almost. But almost and did aren't the same thing!' she then apologized and began to cry, I mean poor girl she was probably in complete shock. I mean if i were her i would be! But that's when i completely lost my mind..." Louis glanced up at me and gave me a worried look, "I mean it was completely stupid... The timing was right, but yet still almost completely wrong. I mean she practically almost got rapped..." I took a minute to catch my breath, "But yet she was so down and crying, so I gave her a hug, after a long minute i released her from my grip, SLOWLY, and looked directly into her eyes'. They were all puffy because of all the crying, but that didn't change the fact that her eyes were beautiful. They were a lovely color of blue and grey, but right at that moment they were mostly blue, and she also had some yellow in them. I quickly got lost into her eyes, and lost control of everything I was doing." I took a pause, "Before I knew it she slapped me so hard. I mean I don't blame her, and before dashing away she told me not to tell anyone, but it kept haunting me and I just had to tell you!... But the reason she slapped me and ran off was because I... I... I kissed her!"

*Flashback ends*


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