The Odds'

Its a Harry styles and Niall Horan (One direction) fanfiction;
Who would ever believe me if I were to tell them that I KNOW one direction. No one. I mean who would, I`m just an ordinary girl... Until its published all over the world. Thats when my life begins to change, well not only mine but my sisters as well (Jessie). How we met, you may ask.. It all began at laser quest...


3. Chapter 3: Laser Quest (part 3)


Chapter 3: Laser Quest (part 3)


Haley's p.o.v

            I watched as Jessie and a boy talked... Yes I know I'm kinda like a stalker, but I have to still be protective over my little sister, I mean the boy was practically begging to know her name, which to be honest wasn't a surprise. I mean most guys literally kill to have someone like her in their life, she's got everything they look for... I guess. She has straight, medium length hair, which was dark brown. Eyes that changed colour depending on her mood, but was mostly greenish-brown, and she was nor fat nor too skinny... I guess she was perfect. Never mind back to the spying!

"Names' Jessie" she said, why did she seem so shy, it wasn't like her to act that way because of a guy... weird. Making me jump out of my little bubble the guys voice caught my attention, "Nice Name..." he had an Irish accent... Then another male voice caught my attention, " You snooze you lose bro," and then i heard the Irish boy whine and so did Jessie, but yet she looked quite happy at the same time. Who is that Irish boy I kept asking myself.

            Watching the two of them leave in deep conversation together to reach the revive place, I changed my attention to the guy who was silently congratulating himself. How self centered. Then an evil thought came through my mind, how crushed would he be if a girl would kill him... 100% crushed...

            I silently descended from my hide out and walk towards the area where i saw him. And with my luck he was still there, looking for something.

"You know you should be more attentive, because if this was real war you would be on your knees begging me to spare your life." I said. "I thought you would be a better component than this... guess i thought wrong." The figure that stood in front of me slowly began to move, "Hands up and away from the gun or i shoot." i threatened. He brought his hands towards his head and began to descend on both knees and he slowly turned afterwards, "What are you doing?" I questioned, laughing a bit, but trying to keep a serious face on.

"I'm begging for my life," he simply replied, smirking towards me, "isn't that what you told me to do?" he smiled a cheeky grin towards me. What was he trying to do seduce me. "I'm Harry by the way."

"Why should i care who you are, your life deepens on this finger that lays on the trigger... So don't push your luck, and stop being all cheeky," I warned, "And you can stand up," I said all to playfully... Why do I always flirt with boys. It's a natural thing i tell you.

"And I'm the cheeky one?" he questioned me, "Your playfully threatening me. Which I don't mind," he added, "what's your name?" he questioned? Are you serious... Is he being serious... Is he seriously trying to flirt his way out of this. And who is he to think that he can impose questions to me while he (just minutes ago) was on his knees begging for his life. Joke... I honestly didn't mind the fact that he was kinda flirting back with, I was enjoying this.

"My names' Haley," I stated out, realising i was just staring at him while i was mentally debating to myself. Awkward... He slightly laughed, "What's so funny?" I questioned.

"Nothing just that fact that you were staring at me, I have that effect on people." he smirked at the thought again. I stepped closer... Is this guy being serious. By stepping closer i finally was able to see his features. He was tall, handsome, had curly hair, green gorgeous eyes and something just to make him different from all the other tall, green eyed, curly haired guys... he had DIMPLES, how cute.

            After ignoring all that just went through my mind, i replayed what he had just said " Nothing just that fact that you were staring at me, I have that effect on people."... that completely did the thing... I let my finger push on the trigger. At least i got rid of him for a bit. I laughed at myself, why would anyone want to rid themselves from someone as good looking as him... Oh, yeah, i forgot it's because of his cheeky attitude... but did that really bother me. Too bad, what is done is done and i slowly began to walk away.

"seriously!" was the last words that i heard.


   -So Haley just met Harry, do you think she knows its him?

Oh and what about Niall and Jessie... what are they talking about.

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-M. XxX

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