The Odds'

Its a Harry styles and Niall Horan (One direction) fanfiction;
Who would ever believe me if I were to tell them that I KNOW one direction. No one. I mean who would, I`m just an ordinary girl... Until its published all over the world. Thats when my life begins to change, well not only mine but my sisters as well (Jessie). How we met, you may ask.. It all began at laser quest...


14. Chapter 14: Confusion...


Jessie POV   

             I never thought I would fall this hard for Niall. We've been spending so much time together and he's been taking me out on cute romantic dates. But I kept waiting for reality to kick in, I knew we couldn't be together forever. He was in the biggest boy band and had a tour to continue... Speaking of tour, it's been nearly 3 weeks Niall and I have been together, and he hasn't been to one concert ever since... suspicious! "Hey, Niall... Are you up?" I whispered as I shook his arm a bit and gave a peck on the cheek. "Euhhun," he mumbled and rose up in a sitting position, I rested my head on his shoulder and pulled up the covers of the bed. "When are you heading back on tour?" I questioned... I didn't want to know the answer, but I had to know how much longer this fairytale was going to last. "What tour?" he questioned, was he kidding me... "You know your 'Take me Home tour 2013'. You were suppose to finish in October." I questioned. "No sweetie, we never had a tour... We only had one concert and that's the one when we began to go out." he gave me a peck on the nose. I was beginning to get confused, I know 100% that they had a 2013 tour because I am a fan that follows information on them. "Niall!" I whined. "What?" he questioned.                I sat up and faced him, "Tell me the truth when do you have to go back?" "Never." he said, "I wouldn't lie to you." he took my hand and gave it a peck, butterflies flew everywhere within me. Then suddenly Niall and I were laying on a beach. What the heck!                I was totally confused, how did I end up here? Suddenly a bear wearing a pink tutu danced by, everything became clear. I was dreaming, which also explained the situation with the tour... ***                My eyes shoot up, as I pulled up my covers. I began to laugh at the thought of my weird dream, but quickly quieted down (I didn't want to wake Niall up). "Niall? Are you up?" I questioned, but no one answered, I turned to face him, but as I did I was faced with nothing but blackness. "Niall." I said a bit more loud, as I sat straight in the bed, allowing my eyes to adjust to the blackness. I was so confused!                Confused to know why I was lying in my bed at home, suddenly someone opened my door and turned on the lights. Joy flowed through my body, "Niall, I thought you-" but I shut upped as I noticed Haley standing in front of my door giving me a concerned look. "It seems like someone can't wait till concert, which is in two days." she said. "Why would I-" but I stopped and realised what she said... Two days! This had to be a dream, I mean Niall Horan kissed me and then told me that he liked me and I kissed him and we passed so many good times together... Right now must be a dream, so I began to pinch myself. "What are you doing?" Haley yelled as she approached me and took hold of my arm, "Stop pinching yourself!". "But, this is.. is.. is all a dr... drea... dream.." I stuttered as tears began to flow down my cheeks. "No this is reality," Haley said as she sat down beside me, "Why are you crying?" she questioned. "It felt so real..." I said as I began to explain everything that happened, but it all happened in a dream...


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