The Odds'

Its a Harry styles and Niall Horan (One direction) fanfiction;
Who would ever believe me if I were to tell them that I KNOW one direction. No one. I mean who would, I`m just an ordinary girl... Until its published all over the world. Thats when my life begins to change, well not only mine but my sisters as well (Jessie). How we met, you may ask.. It all began at laser quest...


12. Chapter 12: Plans' Change


Harry POV                Before we all headed back onto the stage Jessie whispered into everyone's ears, she decided to change her 'revenge' to something really sweet if you ask me. "Hey Niall grab Jessie when it's time." I whispered into his ear, he didn't respond but had a huge goofy grin plastered on his face. "I'll take that as a yes." I said as I laughed. "Sorry for that..." Liam said and gave the crowd an apologetic smile, as did the rest of us. "So the next song is called...". Haley POV                The boys returned to the stage and began to sing again. Jessie walked back towards me and we headed into the bathroom. "We better fix your make-up," Jessie said starting to whip away the smudges caused from my mascara. "I'll still look like a mess.." I said, showing her my appearance. My clothing was stained with black because of my mascara, and my hair was messed up because of my hands. "Don't you have that new cute summer dress in the car?" Jessie questioned, "and I have my make-up and a brush." I stood up and gave her a hug and ran towards the exit, "hurry up!" She yelled after me. Jessie's POV                Haley seemed to take forever to get changed and my plan was soon going to happen. She finally opened the door, and I was blown away, she just had a glow and looked so beautiful. "Wow!" Was all I could say.                I bet Harry is gonna droll all over her when he sees her, she looked like a complete new girl. She was trying to tie up her necklace, but had lots of difficulty, "here let me." I offered her my help and she turned and allowed me to finish up. "You look beautiful." I said under my breath. "Nah, your just saying that because your my little sister." Haley said, "I'll believe you when someone hot tells me." That's one thing I hate about her, she's always so in-secured. "Would that person be Harry?" I questioned her, she went completely red. "I know you like him..." She began to say, but I cut her off, "nah... It's okay, anyways I think he likes you more than me. And you can't change what the heart desires, mine might be telling me to move on and go for someone more..." I paused and tried to find the perfect word. "Irish?" Haley suggested, "dirty blonde, funny, always hungry... Also named NIALL." She said laughing at me. "Is it that obvious?" I questioned her. "Nah, I only noticed because I'm your sis and I know you, and somehow I have a feeling you're not the only one with those feelings." She said nudging me in the ribs. I burst out in laughter, I was so ticklish. "Same goes for you." I said. Right after that Harry appeared and grabbed hold of Haley and dragged her onto the stage, I laughed even more, her face expression was priceless. She looked so confused and shy and so much more... My plan was finally happening. Excitement grew within me, but quickly faded away, when Niall dragged me onto the stage. I turned to face him, "this wasn't the plan!" I loudly whispered. "Plans' change," Harry said and Niall nodded his head in agreement.
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