You're a Pill

He throws me around, but picks me up. He makes me cry, then makes me laugh. He's always wrong, but corrects himself. How am I supposed to keep living like this? But that's not the real question. The real one is will I survive?


1. Questions

He treats me like utter shit, but yet, I put up with it. But why? Is it for the satisfying feeling I get when he makes it better? Or is it because I know I will never find anyone else? I cannot find the right answer, or decide whether or not I should be thinking about it. I tend not to. Cause I know I'll end up thinking over and over about it, then crying, cutting and getting drunk trying to forget about it. I'm not the best person in the world, rather bad actually. Under half way I think. But at least I know one thing.
I'm better than he is...

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