Who do I choose? Niall Horan Fanfiction

Kimberly Riley meets the boy of her dreams. She meets his friends and falls for one of them. She finds it hard to choose between her first love or her true love.


3. The Place

Gosh, I thought. No, I must not think like this. I shook my head.

"What you wanna do Kimmy?" Niall asked me while I was still shaking my head about.

"I don't mind. What do you want to do?" I replied stopping.

"I honestly don't mind."

"Neither do I."

This went on for quite a while and we just sat there arguing.

I got up and walked out the room.

Nialls P.O.V

Kimberly got up and left the room.

"Where you going?" I called.

No reply. I got up and trailed after her.


Still no answer. I followed her through the halls and up the stairs. She didn't turn back once. I continued walking behind her until we stopped at the end of a corridor. She turned to face me and pulled me in close. She whispered to me;

"Niall, I want you...." her voice trailed off.

"Want me what?" I questioned

"I want you"

I was speechless.

"Yes. You Niall. I want you" she backed away and stood on her toes. She reached up and tugged on a rope.

"Duck" she warned.

I ducked my head just in time for a couple of steps to fall down.

"Come on" she said grabbing my hand and pulling me up.

Kimmys P.O.V

"Niall, I want you...."

"Want me what?" he asked

"I want you" I said

He was speechless.

"Yes. You Niall. I want you" I stepped back and stood on my toes. I reached up and grabbed on a rope.

"Duck" I warned.

Niall ducked his head just before the steps felldown.

"Come on" I said taking his hand and pulling him up

As we walked up the stairs, I thought about what I had said. Yes, I want him, but we're thirteen. I'll explain to him that we'll wait until we're older. I mean, I've known him a day.

"What are you showing me?" he said, voice trembling.

"Close your eyes"

This house, it used to be my aunts house. I loved coming up to the attic and sitting in my corner. I was going to show Niall my space. It was a round corner with cushions and pillows around it. A little table sat in the middle of this area, with a blank photo album and a camera. My aunt gave them to me in her will when she died. She said she left them where I used to love being. She gave the house to my mum and dad. Soon my dad died in the army. It was just me and my mum, so we decided to move here, to Ireland.

I pulled Niall over to the corner and sat him down. I picked up the camera and sat down next to him.

"Open your eyes" I said.

He opened them.

"What's this comfy place then?" he said smiling.

"It used to be my old hide-away when my aunt lived here. Did you know her? Hannah Riley. It's where I got my middle name from. She lived alone."

"I knew her. She was so kind. When you told me your name, I thought 'Hannah Riley, I've heard that name before' but thought it might of just been a coincidence."

"Yeah. Well I have this camera, and thought I could use it for our time being friends."

"Aren't we more than friends then, you know, after what you said. I want you too."

I sighed.

"I think we should wait a bit. We're thirteen, and have known each other a day. Sorry"

"It's fine. You're right"

"'Kay. So i brought you up here to show you this. And-" I stood up. "this"

I pushed open the window and jumped out.

"Kimmy" Niall shouted.

Nialls P.O.V

Kimmy walked over to the window, opened it and jumped out.

"Kimmy!" I shouted.

I jumped up and ran over to the window and peered out.

I saw Kimberly standing there in the snow only a meter and bit below the window.

"Are you mad?" I shouted.

"No! Theres a platform here. Come down" she said.

I slowly climed out the window and jumped.

I landed on the platform and laughed.

"Follow me!" Kimmy shouted walking carefully across the platform.

I followed her and we walked up to a room. Kimberly pushed open the door and we stepped in.

It was huge inside. How had I never noticed this room before? Why was there a massive room in the top of a tree?
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