Who do I choose? Niall Horan Fanfiction

Kimberly Riley meets the boy of her dreams. She meets his friends and falls for one of them. She finds it hard to choose between her first love or her true love.


11. My fault

She gave me a slight hug.
I breathed in her scent and just like always she smelt amazing. This is why I couldn't bare to be away from her, the moments like these.

The guys walked back in and Kimmy pulled away.

"Aww" Louis said sweetly, but laughed while he did so.

"Oi" I mumbled

"Ooh sorry mate"

"Its fine


The doctor pushed the door open and walked in.

"Mr Horan. It seems like you are on the men but still fragile. You will be able to go home later today but you need to take it easy. Understood?"

"Yes sir"

"Right then. I'll leave you to it" and with that he waked out the room.

"Hey Liam?" I called


"Could you get my phone and call Amy. Then can all of you leave?"

"Sure thing" he handed me my phone and dialled Amy's number. Everyone left.


"Hey Amy"

"Oh hey Niall"

"Right I need to speak to you"


"Our relationship. I don't think it's working out"

"It's what I said about that girl"

"No. Just I don't think we are right for eachother. I'm sorry. We can still be friends right?"

"No I don't think we can be. First you break up with me, when I think we have a strong bond and second, it's over phone. Goodbye Niall, stay out my life for good"

And she cut off the call.
I sighed. That didn't go well.

Liam walked in when her noticed I had finished with my call.

"Everything alright?"

"Not really. Me and Amy broke up"

"Aw mate. I'm sorry"

"Don't be, I think it was for the best."

"Okay. Well talk to me if you need to"

This guy was seriously kind, I've known him for a month and a bit but its like we've known eachother forever.

Kimberley's P.O.V

We walked in after Liam gestured to us.
I could see Niall looking down.
I hate to see him like this. I wish I had told him my feelings before her left. He probably thinks I don't love him anymore. I'm an idiot.
Anyway, seeing him sad makes me sad.

"Nialler... What's up babe?"

"Nothing" he mumbles.
Oh crap did I just say babe?
Damn, damn, damn.

"Something is wrong. I can tell"

"Nothing me and Amy broke up"

"Oh. I'm sorry"

"It isn't your fault"
But it was though, if I wasn't so shy about telling my feelings, she wouldn't of been with him in the first place causing him less misery. Yes she mad him happy but at times she was a right... What's the word.... Slut.

That's it.
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