Who do I choose? Niall Horan Fanfiction

Kimberly Riley meets the boy of her dreams. She meets his friends and falls for one of them. She finds it hard to choose between her first love or her true love.


9. Finding the Truth

I was about to do this.

I took the razor and slid it down my arm slowly.

I yelped out in pain and heard mumbling from the next room. I quickly closed the door so no-one could get in but soon the handle was rattling about and Liam was yelling and banging.

'Niall, are you okay?' he shouted throught the door.

'Yeah' I whined.

'Are you sure? What happened?'

'I hit my head.... on the door'

'Okay. Be careful. I'm going to get some paracetamol for you'


I went back to the razor. My arm was already soaked in blood and the flow wasn't stopping. I slid it up and down my arm a few more times silently cursing.

In a way, through the pain, all of it was soothing. I mean I have alot to live for but sometimes I don't know what to do.

One final stroke and I fell. On the way to the floor I caught something and it crashed down with me.

Liam burst through the door with Louis and Harry, then everything went black and silent.


I heard mumbling and groaned. Everything was blurry and I couldn't make out alot; a few familiar faces.

I then realised that it was Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry, but with a few unrecognised people.

'Liam?' I whispered as my voice was weak. I could hear my voice and it came out very muffled.

Everyone stopped talking and looked down at me.

'Niall?' Louis said.


'He's alive!' Louis shouted, making my head throb. I can't remember a thing.

'Shush. We must be quiet. He's still very fragile.' an unfamiliar voice said.

'Where am I?' I asked confused.

'You're in hospital mate' Zayn said.

'What? Why?'

My arm was hurting like crazy and I didn't understand why.

Until I looked at it. Lots of scars and lines were placed all along my arm and wrist.

'No. I didn't. I don't remember'

'But you did mate' Zayn said.

'But why?'

I looked round the room. I could see a girl sitting in a chair, with her head in her hands.

Who was she?

Then it hit me.

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