Who do I choose? Niall Horan Fanfiction

Kimberly Riley meets the boy of her dreams. She meets his friends and falls for one of them. She finds it hard to choose between her first love or her true love.


1. New Beginnings

I was laying in bed staring up at the ceiling listening to the rain bang against the window and the wind howling through the trees. It was two in the morning and I hadn't been to sleep. I lay there thinking, just thinking. I closed my eyes and carried on thinking.

I opened my eyes and stared into the space my bedroom was, nothing there, nothing at all. Nothing besides boxes and boxes of my stuff. I got up and looked out of the window. Snowflakes were falling and settling on the ground, covering up the leaves that had dropped from the branches of the tree in Autumn. Birds feet left little prints in the snow, soon being covered. Winter, I thought, it's arrived. I looked down at my feet which were a light purple colour, there was little feeling in them. I walked over to my closet and pulled out the last set of clothes I had. I undid my Pajamas and slipped into jogging bottoms. I pulled a long sleeved shirt over my head and dug around in the boxes. I eventually found my coat and some socks.

I walked down stairs and pulled on my boots. Outside it was freezing and snowflakes were still falling, but heavier this time. I trudged through the snow that was collecting on the floor and made my way to the garage. I got to the door and fiddled around with the lock, jiggling the key and waiting for the click.

The door finally clicked and I pushed it open. The dryer sat in the corner of the room and I pulled open it's door. I stuffed my socks in and put it on high. I found a stool, sat on it and pulled out my phone. I checked the time, 6:50 am. I stared up at the corner of the room where a spider was spinning her web. The dryer went off. I pulled the socks out and stuffed them into my pocket.

I shut the garage door and looked out at the snow which was falling so heavy, it was already up to my knees. Shivering, I walked over to the back door which I had left open, letting snow seep in, where the wind blew it in that direction.

I piled the last of my boxes into the moving van. I sat down in my mothers car and waited for her to start driving. Today was going to be a long day, I thought.

The snow was still falling and we got stuck in traffic a few times. After four hours of driving and taking a ferry, we finally got to the new our new house. I opened the door. Nothing. Absolutely empty. The moving truck soon came and we took our stuff out of the back. After we had removed everything, I took the boxes off the sofa and closed my eyes.

I was running. Running far away. From something. I don't know what, I don't know why. All I know is that I was running. I tripped and fell, causing this thing to catch up with me an drag me along the cold floor. It pulled me up. I screamed. No-one could hear me. This creature grabbed my shoulders tightly and shook me back and forth. I kept screaming and shouting but I made no sound. The thing opened its mouth to reveal sharp, pointy teeth, and pounced.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed helplessly.

"Kimberly?" my mother called through the kitchen. "what's wrong?"

"a monster of some sort, it was chasing me. I kept running and tripping." I blurted out all at once.

The doorbell rang. I walked over to the door and opened it. A boy with fair brown hair stood there. His blue eyes twinkled in the moons light.

"Hello. I'm Niall Horan. Nice to meet you" he said in a cute Irish accent, and sticking out his hand.

I took his hand and shook it. It was smooth and soft.

"Hello Niall. I'm Kimberly."

"That's a pretty name, for a pretty girl." he said looking down to the ground. I blushed a deep red and looked down to the floor aswell. The snow was still falling and I could see Niall shivering.

"Come in Niall." I geustured towards the chair sitting infront of the fireplace. He walked over and sat down.

I ran into the kitchen and rummaged through the newly filled cupboards and found a box of hot chocolate powder. I made two cups and put three mini marshmallows in each. I placed them both on a tray and carefully carried it out to where Niall was sitting. I handed him the green and red mug,

"thank you Kimberly, how did you know green and red were my favourite colours?" he asked.

"lucky guess?" I replied

We sat there sipping our hot cocoas and learning a little more about each other.

"I'm Niall James Horan, I'm thirteen, I play guitar and love football. I have an older brother called Greg, my favourite food is Nandos, my favourite colours are green and red, I love singing and I live next door to you." I giggled, and he smiled. "So tell me about yourself."

"I'm Kimberly Hannah Riley, but you can call me Kimmy. I'm thirteen, I play piano and love football. I have an older sister called Claire. My favourite colours are Blue and Red, I love song writing and singing, and well I live next door to you".

He nodded. "So Kimmy. What do you want to do now? We could play in the snow." He smiled at me.

"Sure Niall! Wait a sec" I got up and looked out the window, the snow was up to the frame. I went to the door. It was frozen shut. I went to the back door, I couldn't push it open.

"Oh" I sighed. I walked back over and sat next to Niall, who was now sitting on the floor crossed legged. "We're snowed in"

"Really? Oh. Should I stay here overnight, it's getting quite late. What's the time?"

I looked over at the clock, 7:05pm it read.

"Seven. Yeah I guess you can stay here, you only live next door. Wait a minute." I got up and walked out of the room.

Nialls POV

Kimberly is so pretty. She's sweet, she's kind, I think I.. No. I've known her an hour.

She walked back into the room.

Kimberley's POV

"Hey. My mum says you can stay. Seeing as we have no beds, let's sleep down here on the mattresses we brought." I put my hand out an Niall grabbed it. I pulled him up. We ran to the dining room, where the mattresses were propped up against the wall, coated in plastic.

We pulled down the single one and the double one, and they fell on top of us.

After we picked ourselves up, we heaved the mattresses into the living room and laid them down. I got the bedding and sorted out the make do beds. Niall had the double and I had the single.

I sat down on the double one an Niall joined me.

"So Kimmy. What now?" he asked.

"we could play Monopoly, or I could get the Playstation and we could plug it into the tv"

"Playstation?" he said

"sure. Lemme just get it."

I hopped up and left the room again.

Nialls POV

Gosh she's gorgeous. I like her. I really like her. She is so kind and beautiful.

Kimmys POV

I walked through the door with the Playstation and a few games.

I chucked the games at Niall, who was laying on the floor staring up at the ceiling.

"Ow!" he said rubbing his shoulder.

"Oh. Sorry." I said dumping the console on my 'bed' and skipping towards him.

"What games?" he said flicking through the boxes.

"Sonic, Mario, umm that's it."

"Mario?" he suggested.

"sure thing" I said getting up, plugging in the console and placing the disk in the slot.

The Mario tune blared through the living room.

I turned the volume down.

I crawled over to Niall and we started to play.

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