Back For You

chloe was a good girl perfect grades perfect family until one day she alone took a trip to londan and met a certain curly haired boy named harry and bonded with over the month.what happens when she took a certain test with a positive sign when she got home will harry find out?or will chloe push him out of her life forever?


2. wait WHAT???!!!!???!?

"chloe can you come down here your father and i have to talk to you" my mom calls from downstairs i walked down quickly and spotted them at the little table that no one really sits at unless its something serious "mom? dad? whats going on here you never sit here unless its nessacery to" i said in a worried tone "well we have been watching your behavoir over the past month and talked about it and decided you can go to londan for a month like you have been wanting to for the past year" i was shocked i have been wanting to go so bad that just in case ive had a suitcase or to packed under my bed "your joking." i said " no were not and your plane leaves tomorrow around 5am so get some restits already 10pm" they said "OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE YOU NIGGHHHTTT" i ran up to my room and changed into my pjs and drifted off to sleep .......tomorrow is going to be amazing



hey sorry its short but ill post another chapter by tonight haha have fun my little readers lol

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