Back For You

chloe was a good girl perfect grades perfect family until one day she alone took a trip to londan and met a certain curly haired boy named harry and bonded with over the month.what happens when she took a certain test with a positive sign when she got home will harry find out?or will chloe push him out of her life forever?


6. plane ride 2

hey guys before i start this chapter i gotta sayy i neeedd feedback i mean im starting to think that you guys dont like this so feedback wanted thx luv ya


we had about 13 hours left but im still stuck on his question "w-what did you say?" i said toatally confused i thought he was dating taylor swift "do you chloe have a boyfriend because if you do and he hurts you ill hu-" i cut him off "not trying to be rude but why are you asking?" "well uhh.... haha uhh ilikeyou" he said the last part so fast i couldnt understtand him "what was the last part harry you said it to fast" i said "I.. Like...You" i was shocked " you do but wait wait wait i thought you were dating taylor swift??" "no no no im not that was a one time thing but even though its only been like an hour i feel like ive known you forever and chloe we have everything in common we like cats the colour orange we both HATE olives same hair colour almost same eye colour our fav food sweet corn and tacos ect ect ect so what im tring to say is will you chloe be my girlfriend?" i kinda had a tear in my eye i was so shocked "yes yes yes harry yessss"  he looked into my eyes like he was about to kiss me and that my friend is exactly what he did his lips crashed into mine and it was perfect we broke apart after 2 minutes haha 3 minutes later i fell asleep on his shoulder thinking about my new boyband boyfriend that actullay cares about me im soo happy and i cant wait until we land beep beep  my phone went off it was a notification on twitter you have a new follower @cmaestyles your new follower is @harry_styles. i laughed looked over to my side he was "sleeping" with a huge smirk on his face i rolled my eyes and closed my eyes one last time before i would be in my dream place LONDAN

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