Back For You

chloe was a good girl perfect grades perfect family until one day she alone took a trip to londan and met a certain curly haired boy named harry and bonded with over the month.what happens when she took a certain test with a positive sign when she got home will harry find out?or will chloe push him out of her life forever?



harrys pov

"chloe chhhllloooeee hheeeeyyy bbaaaabbbyyy" she wuldnt wake up she was PASSED out "CHLOE" i screamed i got stares from the people that were LEAVING THE PLANE she fluttered her eyes open like snow white when she was kissed by the prince "wha-whats wrong harry?" she said sounding deeply tired 'babe were in londan" her eyes went wide she looked out the window unbuckled her seat belt and climbed over me then falling on her face hitting the seat "BAbE ARE yoU oKaY?" i said while picking her up bridle style grabbing our carry-ons and our stuff and carrying her out the plane #3minutes later# i sat her on the nearest bench and got down on my knee while looking at her face i noticed her lip started to swell "cmon ill buy you some ice-cream to let that swelling go down" her eyes lit up like a christmas tree and smiled widly and then started to frown "n-no im okay i-i dont w-want any" she said with a tear forming in her eye "babe whats wrong and why did you reject ice-cream i mean no one can reject londans famous ice-cream" i said deeply confused "umm no reason" she said while looking down but i lifted her chin and gave her the "i dont believe you" look she looked down again and started to speak "well last week my dads brother mike came over while i was over and made dinner well he made desert with that and we all went to get some when he stopped me saying i cant eat any of it and i asked why and he said i was... um to fat to eat soo i starved myself for like 4 days and went to the hospital and they said if i dont eat then i'll die soi ate alittle but puked it out then i sdhjfsfkhdkjsfjdhfkjhd" she said the last part to quickly "hun you said the last part to quickly" "lets just talk about it later" i nodded when we were walking out of the airport i relized i had no idea where she was staying "hey chloe where are you staying id love to see your place" i said while smiling

chloes pov i was so happy about going to londan that i dont have a place to LIVE in londan im ... homeless "umm" i said pretending to pull out a piece of paper and i had an idea i know i shouldnt lie to harry but if i tell him i have no place to live hes going to bring me in and i hate when people do that its so awkward "drop me off at Greenwitch park thats where im meeting my friend uhh kayla" i faked a smile " thats where i go jogging every night haha ok here we go" harry said its a good thing  i packed my lucky blanket and striped pillow -10 minutes later- "ok baby we are here ill text you tonight before i got to bed luv ya" he said "love you too harry" i said and got out kissed him goodbye and he drove away great im homeless

i found a little bench near the swings and layed my blanket and pilow out and put my suitcases under the bench and at that moment i got a text from harry

Hazzacurls:hey babe night luv you ill see you tomorrow okay have a goodnight <3

i smiled and layed down and drifted off to sleep in the cold and nasty weather

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