Back For You

chloe was a good girl perfect grades perfect family until one day she alone took a trip to londan and met a certain curly haired boy named harry and bonded with over the month.what happens when she took a certain test with a positive sign when she got home will harry find out?or will chloe push him out of her life forever?


12. how it starts

                                                                      Chloe's pov

   So this is it? wow i thought this would last longer "Flight 68 to michigan now bording" i picked up my bags and rolled them along behind me. Letting the sqeaky noise ring through my ears. I reached the gates, handed the women with a fake smile plastered on her painted face my ticket. With tears in my eyes. "you okay honey?' she said with a look of concern on her face. I shook my head and turned to her ' no im not but id rather not talk about it" i said walking away and boarding the plane. Getting ready for a long flight.

                                                     Harrys pov.

          "where is she where did she go????!!!" i was now trying to escape the hospital but these bloody twats wont let me "sir you need to calm down and rest" the docter spoke with a hint of annoynce "IM NOT GOING TO CALM DOWN IM FINE DONT YOU SEE NOW GET OUT OF MY BLOODY WAY" i ripped the chords off my chest and walked out the hospital with about 60 pairs of eyes on me like i care? im going to find her one way or another


                                               Chloe's pov

       "oh honey im so glad your home are you alright? how was it?"

my mom was pushing the limit of questions right now " mom not right now im not in the mood" i said while walking off to my room and slamming my door *next day* "chloe wake up' my mom said its 10am on a saturday morning what does she want???? "what? why its a saturday let me sleep" i said while pulling the covers over my head she sighed and walked out. I then heard talking downstairs. "she wont get up but you can go up there if you want the second door to the right" she said i ignored it and layed back down. i heard someone walk into my room and sit down o the edge of my bed "whoever you are go away im not in the mood to talk" i snapped at the stranger "aww c'mon babe is that reallly how you talk to your boyfriend" a very familar voice said "HARREH" i ripped my covers off and jumped on him "i thought you didnt remember me oh harry i missed you so much!" i screamed "will you come back to londan with me? live with me?" he said i didnt know what to say. what should i say? "i- i"


haha cliffhanger ill update later seeeyaaazz comment!!!!



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