Back For You

chloe was a good girl perfect grades perfect family until one day she alone took a trip to londan and met a certain curly haired boy named harry and bonded with over the month.what happens when she took a certain test with a positive sign when she got home will harry find out?or will chloe push him out of her life forever?



i woke up around 4am and put my pillow and stuff back into my bag and went on my phone *3 missed calls*and*3 new text messages* and there all from my ex abusive boyfriend johnny the texts read 'babe i miss you and im sorry' 'why wont you reply i love you' 'if you dont become my girlfriend again im going to hurt you'. the last one sent shivers down my back "HEY you alright' i heard a familar voice shout at me i shot my head up and you wouldnt believe who it is my boyfriend harry styles "who are you" i heard the voice coming closer then i felt  a hand on my back... but it was not harrys i whip my head around and there stands johnny "hey babe i missed you" he said i slid away from him but he got closer "johnny i dont love you your an abusive man that i hate" i said coldly but then harry butted in "chloe?? what are you doing out here and who is this??" he said with a bit of anger in his voice "harry ill explain later just go before you get hurt" i said "why chloe who the hell is this dude" he said even more angery "hey she said go so go and who the hell are you anyway"johnny said "johnny i already told you stay away from me i dont lo-" he cut me off "listen bitch you do as i say or else i want to be your boyfriend again and i am not leaving till that happens" he said "HEY do not talk to her like that plus shes dating ME not you and obviously she hates you so back off before i call the cops" harry said "make me" at that point harry was fuming with anger and threw a punch at johnny and nailed him to the ground but at that moment johnny threw something large and heavy toward me and it nailed my head "CHLOE"  harry shouts i was slowly faiding away until i felt someone pick me up and throw me down a hill about 5 minutes later i almost died but saw a figure coming toward me "chloe baby its harry are you okay please answer me chloe??" "harry look out"

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