mixed up journey

the stare at me with their monsterous eyes as they whisper with their shaky voices. i don't belong here and neither did i want to be here. my freedom is limited here unlike my sister. my sister walks with her head held high and everyone respects her unlike me.


1. prologue


Sadness was created from destruction

Happiness was always there but no one noticed

Well no one noticed until it was gone

No one notice until it was replaced with sadness

And an everlasting curse.


The sky is clear blue like a diamond- like heaven crashing down on earth. Even in a cursed world, we have a privileged to see something as beautiful as this. Even with all this sadness, we have something to look forward to. I wish everyone else could see it this way.


Chapter 1

The gentle breeze lightly brushes against my face and then it danced along my hair. I can smell the sweet refreshing trail of air it left behind. The song bird yet again sings its everlasting melancholy song. It only mourns the death of its lover. Between the luscious green and shadowy silver forest, there lays a neutral patch of wild flowers. The clouds have passed by to reveal the bright fiery rays of the sun. The river below gleams and becomes a crystal clear mirror. Undisturbed by the living creatures in its waters

I lay isolated, trapped in the clearing by the forest and the river. My presence is insignificant. I am neither wanted nor unwanted. I have slowly become one of their own. Weather I was protected or protecting

"I am me, not am extra part to someone else’s game"

The wind blows harder and the leaves on the branches clap in agreement. I smile a little. I quickly glance at the clear blue sky before I stand up and stare at the deep forest ahead of me.

"I have to go back now. Before someone doesn't notice I’ve been gone for 6 hours"

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