It's not where you are but who you're with

Jessica Tomlinson and her best friend Kenzie are going to see Jessica’s older brother Louis Tomlinson in London England. What happens when people start falling for each other will they fell the same way? What happens when tragedy strikes? What happens when someone gets hurt will they make it?


1. I am Jessica Tomlinson

I I’m Jessica Tomlinson but you can call me Jess. I’m short with long dirty blond hair and big blue eyes. My mom died 2 years ago today, my dad left when I was five. I only have one brother Louis Tomlinson. Yes Louis from One Direction. So I know that you’re thinking I have a lot of friends. But that’s not true I only really have one true friend and her name is Kenzie we have been best friends for ever long before my brother was famous. Yes lots of people say they want to be my friend but really they just want to meet my brother. Oh and I also live on my own I am 18. Today I get to go see my brother and his band mate’s witch I have never meet and am very scared they won’t like me. And Kenzie gets to come with because she is like a sister to Louis and I. so today we start on our way to London

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