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I hate them. They come after me, they chase me, they bully me.

I'm left alone, bruised and hurt, by the side of the road, fearing their return.

I'm scared to walk alone, I'm scared to even move.

I won't tell a soul.

We've had talks about it, at school.

You can tell they haven't been through it.

They tell you to tell someone, not to suffer in silence.

But that is all you want to do.

Why would you want to increase the pain?

They won't stop, they think it's fun.

I want to die, this isn't nice.

Torturing me, over and over again.

I hate it.

I loathe it.

I want it to stop.

Why can't they just leave me alone?


I'm thinking about it.

Killing myself.

It would be a nice way of ending it all.

One small movement.

That's all it takes.

So that I could be free.

Away from it all.

I wonder what it looks like.


It has got to be better then here.

Better then this pain.

Better then this world.

No, I shan't tell anyone.

I'll do it alone.

I'll finish my suffering.


They've come back.

I thought they had stopped.

I was stupid enough to try and be friendly.

They came back and left me.

Hurt and crying.

By the side of the road, yet again.

I can't take it much longer, the names they call me.

My only friends have turned on me.

Scared to be my friends.

I make myself sick.

Anything to get away from them.

Fingers down my throat.

The horrid taste.

My lost dinner.

But it's worth it.


Finally, they have stopped.

Something has happened.

I ran from them, and they followed.

Until one broke their arm.

I've taught them a lesson.

They won't come back.

It's been long enough.

They've had enough.

Those four words.

Maybe they have truth?

Those four words.

So many times repeated.

Those four words.

Hold on, pain ends.


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