1. Motivate


Never give up but if you must then break yourself down whilst trying, Once you have acquired a diamond then gold isn't worth finding. Why accept moments of laughter when you can be permanently smiling. Don't accept peaceful lies when the truth is in dire need of fighting, And so much more can be heard from person miming than from another always speaking. What to you may feel perfectly others won't be believing or what you may see as simplicity others will see it as deceiving. Some actions deliver late with there specific meanings & some pains patiently require a longer period of healing. Attempt to allow your thoughts time to be bold & free thinking, but not so far free so as your steps are taken without blinking. Faith has a way of providing clarity towards a misconstrued feeling & provide a minutes silence to appreciate the fact that your still breathing. It's always best to be yourself while you continue living because it's the only way you will find your own life just a little more appealing. Written by Ali AJ Jemal ©

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