Call Me Haze

this is a fan fiction about one direction.
It is my first one so i hope you like it
summary:At school,every one hates me. same every where. except for my dad. and for christmas this year, i have a big supprise comming.


1. School

             Finaly the school day was over.  I was staring in the mirrior waiting.

Since everyone hates me, I had to wait a few mins. one,two,three! I opened the door and ran for my life. I had to walk home. Through the woods and for some reason nobody was following me.I walked the rest of the way and into my house-or should I say my mansion- and for the first time in three years, I was alone. I was having a pretty good day.Well, at least I thought I was. Mom came home with bad news.


mom:Skipper broke her wrist at school i have to go pick her up.

Me:ok mommy,is she ok?

Mom: I hope so. I may not be home in time for dinner if im not back by 6:30 order a pizza there is $20 on the kitchen counter.

Me: ok!




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