Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


53. You Can't Do This


The next few days I spent solely with Zayn. He allowed me to stay at his place since Lou was still at my apartment with El and I had originally planned to stay with harry while that happened. I got  some one on one time with each of the boys, besides harry, and had tried to explain what was going on since Zayn wasn’t quite sure himself. The boys all understood quite easily which was something I loved about them.

At first, I didn’t think that Zayn and I could become any closer because of how close we already were but as the days went by, I was proven wrong. I grew to learn all the little things about him like how protective he was of his family, that he would always call them to make sure they’re alright, the way he would bite his lip whenever he was nervous or thinking about things or even  the way he would just walk all over his apartment singing because he loved to.

Even though the boys had the week off, that didn’t mean that they didn’t have to work. Zayn would still spend about an hour a day practicing his singing, writing songs or constantly emailing on his phone. Today was one of the days that Zayn woke up early meaning he got the work out of the way earlier. Eleanor and Louis both came over for the day where we sat around the island in the kitchen eating and talking about things, we’d let the boys talk about work related things while El and I watched tv or where we would all huddle on Zayn’s couch and watch tv together.

At the end of the night Lou decided to put on a scary movie. I didn’t really like scary movies so I wasn’t too keen on the idea but being squished in between Zayn and El (Louis on the opposite of El) I felt safe. Within the first 5 minutes someone had already died but then again that happens at the start of every scary movie. There was a lot of blood, screaming and scary things popping up on the screen that would make us all scream in unison.

“Okay I can’t take this anymore” El said standing up and pushing the blanket off her “Lou can we please leave now”

I forgot how easily scared El was. Whenever we were younger, we were never able to watch scary movies because she would get terrified and even get nightmares which made me feel  like the brave one sometimes. She was more of a comedy movie type of person.

“But babe a really good parts about to happen, the killers about to-“ Lou began to wine before Zayn lent over me to slap him.

“Hey! You might’ve seen the movie but I haven’t so don’t ruin it”

“Can we please just stay a little longer” Lou asked putting on a sad face

“But Lou” El said giving back the exact same face. I swear to god they were perfect for each other.

“Wait” Lou said before slowly standing up “You’re not scared are you”

Eleanor didn’t say anything she just kept the same face and crossed her arms while Zayn and I watched the two of them stand in front of us.

“You are!” He said letting out a little laugh “Oh I’m sorry El, you should’ve told me early, we could’ve watched the little mermaid or something” He teased in a voice as if he were talking to a five year old and she let out a laugh while hitting his arm playfully.

He placed a kiss on her cheek before grabbing his coat off the arm of the chair “Well I guess we’re heading off, as her boyfriend it is my duty to make sure nothing ever hurts my dear Eleanor” He joked making us all laugh

“Alright mate I’ll text you tomorrow” Zayn told Lou

“Okay, bye Belles” Lou said before giving me a hug and Eleanor followed.

“And I’ll be texting you tomorrow alright babe” El added and I gave a small nod and a smile.

Zayns POV

After Eleanor and Louis had left it was just me and Belles watching this scary movie. Not going to lie at first I wasn’t as scared because there were four of us but now that there were only two. I started to feel a bit scared although I tried to not let it show since Belles was the girl, not me.

I had thought about what Lou had said before, about how he had to protect El, to make sure nothing hurts her made me think that maybe I had to protect Belles now that it was only the two of us. And I don’t only mean in this moment now but in general. She was my best friend and she was hurting and as her best friend it was my duty to make sure she wasn’t hurt.

I was thrown off my unusual train of thought as someone in the movie screamed really loud, causing belle to hide her face into my chest. I was then aware that my arm was draped around her shoulder and just how small the space between our thighs was that kept us from touching. She soon closed the gap so she could bury herself deeper into my chest as a form of protection.

I could feel her thigh touching mine, her warm breath on my chest, the smell of her hair lingering up my nose smelling so pretty. My hand began to draw small patterns onto her back until I realised what I was doing. My body stiffen and my breath became a little more hitched.

Belles whispered “I know it’s so scary” thinking I was reacting to the movie so I went with it.

“Yeah, just a little jumpy. I need to pee though so I’ll be back” I said tapping her should.

She pulled her head away from my chest, taking away the warm feeling with her. I gave her a small smile before walking into the bathroom. I didn’t need to pee, it was a lie to get out of that awkward situation that only I was in. I splashed water on my face trying to keep calm, taking in deep breathes.

“What are you doing mate” I said quietly at my reflection in the mirror so that belles wouldn’t hear me. Thousand of thoughts ran through my mind as I stood there. I ran my fingers through my hair trying to calm myself down before washing my face again. I took another deep breath and looked in the mirror once again.

“You can’t do this man, you can’t fall in love with Isabella”

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