Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


61. What A Weeknd

*A/N: I am so sorry for taking so long to update guys but ill try make my updates more frequent! Please comment your thoughts when you're done ready! x*


“Hey” I spoke sheepishly

He turned his face to the front picking up his drink and taking a swig of it “Oh hey Isabelle” his tone was calm as he masked his anger

I walked over to the couch, the smell of alcohol getting stronger the closer I got.

“Zayn” I said taking a seat next to him but he continued to avoid eye contact.

“Zayn, please talk to me”

He let out a small sigh before replying “Where’d you go last night? You had me scared to death when you just disappeared”

“I know I’m sorry it’s just, I ran into Harry and he-“ I began before Zayn cut me off.

He laughed to himself before a mumble came out “Of course, the good old Styles charm sweeping girls away”

“What?’ I asked even though I had heard what he said

“Nothing” He replied before taking another swig of his drink “It’s just every time you seem to run off, Harry’s the reason behind it”

“I didn’t run off with him Zayn, you haven’t even given me a chance to tell you what happened”

“I’m just saying every time-“ I had shortly cut him off

“Zayn…Please” I almost begged.

He let out a small sigh before nodding for me to continue. I explained to him the events that had taken place from Harry punching Mason to dinner with El and Lou.

“So  please don’t be mad at me”

He sat there in silence for a minute before replying “I’m not mad Belles you just should’ve told me, I spent the entire day freaking out thinking something bad had happened to you”

I leaned in and gave him a hug “I know, I’m sorry” I said before he wrapped his arms around me and I layed my head into his lap “Next time I promise I’ll tell you” I said smiling up at him. He smiled back down at me before I shot up.

“But hey, I was doing you a favour” I said poking at his stomach causing him to giggle.

“Oh yeah and how was that?”

“I saw you at the bar talking to that girl, did you like her” I teased in a childish voice

“No no no, she was just a friend Danny wanted me to meet but she was just ehh, not my type I guess” He stated using his hands to motion when he said ‘ehh’ “And no I had higher priorities then picking up girls” He said nudging me back.

 Zayn stood up and walked towards the kitchen stumbling just slightly before spinning around to face me again “Want a drink?”

Since my headache was still hanging around and I still felt a little sick from fainting this morning, a drink sounded like a good idea.

“Yes please”

Zayn jogged into the kitchen and grabbed an extra bottle of alcohol and a glass for me. As he walked into the room he clenched his back muscles to stretch them.

I turned so my legs were up on the couch and patted the seat in front of me signalling Zayn to sit down “I’ll give you a massage”

Zayn sat down in front of me and began to pour me a glass. He handed me my drink over his shoulder and I drank it down in one mouthful before handing it back asking for another.

“Woah slow down” He said with a laugh.

“Hey I’ve had a really rough two weeks and I’ve had no way to vent so I’m thinking this drink is very well earned” I said as I began to massage his shoulders.

“Well then here’s to you” He said handing me another glass.


A lot of alcohol later I was feeling so lifted, so good. It felt like I had no troubles in the world. I was dancing around the living room wearing just one of Zayn’s oversized jumpers, jumping from couch to couch to the loud music. The only bad thing about being as drunk as I was is that sometimes I didn’t have a filter when I spoke, things just came out but in this state, it was something I couldn’t care less about.

As I spun around the room with my arms out wide, I crashed into Zayn luckily his arms caught me before I hit the ground. He helped me up slowly fixing the fallen hair from my face, allowing his hands to linger on the sides of my face along with the strong smell of alcohol coming from both us us.

He began to slowly sing along with the words as it played out of the radio.

“Take it off , you want it off.
Cause I know what you’re feeling
It’s okay girl, I feel it too.
Let it be, baby breathe
I swear I’m right here
we’ll be good, I promise
we’ll be so good”

The tension between the two of us right now could be cut with a knife but we both seemed to enjoy it. For some reason we both found comfort just being with each other. Zayn soon broke the silence.

“I’m drunk, and this probably wouldn’t be the best time to tell you that I have a huge crush on you… so I’m not going to” He said before looking down at his bare feet. My head cocked to the side as finished speaking.

“Were you to inform me of that, I’d probably tell you that I have a crush on you aswell. But since you didn’t tell me… I didn’t say it” I replied placing my hand on his chest and tracing circles in his collar bones.

Zayn looked up from the ground and stared at me for a few seconds trying to read my facial expressions. He took a deep breath in before he quickly snaked his arm around my neck, pressing his lips onto mine. My hands found their way to the back of his neck playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

At first the kiss was weary, both of us being a little sloppy and being very cautious on what we did. Once we both got deeper into the kiss Zayn’s hand began to fiddle with the bottom of my jumper as he pushed me up against the wall in search for a little extra support to hold my body.

“Zayn” I managed to get out but he couldn’t hear me over all the loud breathing from the two of us and the music.

The song playing was What You Need – The Weeknd, A song that I found Zayn singing around the house quite often. He kisses began to trail down my neck as the music played.

 “I just want to take you there
He don’t got to know where
Does he touch you here like this
Let me take the friction from your lips

And imma love you girl, the way you need
Aint no one gon stop us, Aint no one gon stop us
And imma give you girl, what you feel
I’m the drug in you veins, Just fight through the pain

He’s what you want, he’s what you want.
I’m what you need, what you need, what you need”

“Zayn-… I- I-“ I mumbled louder pulling my head away so I could see his face.

“I’m sorry love, what’s wrong?” He asked scanning my body making sure it wasn’t him causing me pain in anyway.

“I- I just” was all I managed to get out before the familiar feeling washed over me and everything went blank. I had passed out.

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