Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


47. The Start Of Something


Belle’s POV

I don’t know why I was crying, I guess all the stress from Harry and I’s relationship and what those girls had said to me made me think and it just got too much. Zayn started to act really strange, he kept trying to bug me into going out somewhere with him, I guess he was just trying to get me out of the house.

 After sitting on the couch together for a few minutes my phone began to vibrate against the coffee table. I looked at my phone and Harry’s name lit up on the screen, when I saw his name I got lost in thought and I just stared at it.

“You should probably get that” Zayn said snapping me out of my daydreams

“You’re right” I said picking my phone up “I’m just going to talk in private”

Zayn understood and he turned on the tv as I walked into the spare room.

“Hello” I said answering the phone

“Belles what’s wrong, Zayn said you were upset” He said and I let out a sigh

“Oh nothing, I was just watching a movie and it was really sad” I lied

“Oh okay, well I cancelled things with Nick and I was hoping that maybe we could talk?”

“Harry-“ I began before he cut me off

“Come on Belles I’m near Zayn’s place anyway so I can pick you up and we can go out to eat”

“But I’m not even hungry”

“Fine we can just sit and talk”

“Harry, I –“ I said before just stopping

“You…” He said for me to continue

I thought about it for a second before replying “Fine, come around here and get me”

He let out a small cheer “Dress really nicely okay”

“I might” I laughed

“I’ll be there shortly, love you”

“Love you too” I said before hanging up and wondering back into the lounge.

“What did he say?” Zayn asked watching me as I sat down.

“Well a little bird told him about me being upset so he was worried” I said and he looked away sheepishly which made me laugh “But he’s going to come by here so we can talk, hope you don’t mind”

“Oh no that’s fine, thought he would’ve taken you somewhere else to talk though”

“He might, I’m just not sure if I’m up for it or not yet” I explained

Zayn pulled me into his arms so that I was leaning on his shoulder “You feeling any better?” I didn’t say anything I just nodded my head softly.

We just sat there quietly while watching the television, a tear or two would occasionally come out thinking about my problems and he would sit there comforting me. We were watching a movie that I hadn’t seen before and wasn’t quite sure what the name was but I knew Zayn had seen it since he wouldn’t stop laughing and he would say the lines at the same time as the actors.

“Zayn” I said slightly pulling away from him so I could see his face.

He looked back at me as a queue to continue.

“We’re best friends right?”

He laughed a little while nodding his head “Yeah of course”

“And no matter what, you’ll always you know, respect my choices, wither they’re good or bad?”

“Belle’s, what is this about?” He said muting the tv and turning his full attention to me.

I felt comfortable talking with Zayn because he had this really deep and understanding side to him.

“I just want to know that you’ll always be here for me” I confessed looking at my twiddling thumbs sheepishly

“Do you even have to ask” He said with a laugh “But yes, what are best friends for?

I smiled at what he said and just sat there for a second “You know what Malik, I’m going to find you a good girl”

What I had said made him giggle a little “Oh yeah, you’re just going to find the perfect girl are you”

“Hey I’m a really good people person or I’ll just put your number online and I’ll let the girls find you” I teased

“If you do then I’ll just say I got a new number and give them yours” He teased back

“You wouldn’t, you’re too scared”

“Neither would you Johnson” He said in confidently.

“But seriously why don’t you ask out one of the girls you see, I’m sure you boys meet thousands of beautiful girls every day and I highly doubt they’d turn you down”

“Well I don’t know, I guess-“ He started before I cut him off

“Unless you’ve already met someone but you’re just too shy to ask them out”

His head shot up at me and his face froze a little looking at me when it clicked in my head “OH MY GOD! You like someone don’t you! Why didn’t you tell me!”

“Well I don’t know if I actually do and besides it can never happen” He said trying to shrug it off

“Is she pretty?”

“She’s beautiful” The way he would talk about her was so cute, since Zayn and I had known each other I had never actually seen Zayn falling for a girl.

“And why can’t this happen?”

“Well let’s just say she’s not mine to have”

“Forbidden fruit ay, I love it” I said teasing him which made him turn shy “What’s her name, maybe I can help”

“Oh you don’t know her”

“Well you don’t know that, I know a lot of people through work”

He shook his head which made me want to know even more “Tell me please, I promise I won’t tell anyone”

After about a minute or two of trying to find out who Zayn’s mystery girl was he was finally about to tell when there was a knock on the door. I stood up to answer it because I thought it was Harry which it was. I answered the door and turned to Zayn quickly “Do you mind if we have a little privacy for a bit” I asked politely with a pout

“No you guys are fine, take as long as you want” He said winking at the two of us before leaving to go to his room.

Harry pulled me in for a hug before giving me a kiss “I thought you were going to get changed love?”


“Oh I didn’t mean it like that, what you’re wearing is fine as well”

“No Harry… I’m not going”

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