Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


62. The Morning After

*Guys! i am so sorry i havent updated in so long, i thought id have alot of spare time over the holidays but i just didn't! but im back at school and its not exams so my timetables back in place and ill have more time to write! will hopefully update within the next 3 days! x


The next morning I had woken up on my own. As my eyes fluttered open I began taking in my surroundings noticing I was in Zayns guest room. I looked at my phone and it was already the early afternoon.

“How did I even get in here” I quietly mumbled to myself as I began to sit up.

My mind began to run over the events of last night to see how far I could remember. Well lets see I remember getting back here and talking to Zayn, we then spoke briefly about my whereabouts of the previous night and then I decided it would be a good idea to get drunk. Oh yeah, well that probably explains why I can’t remember actually going to bed.

But wait, I seem to remember more though. The clear image of me jumping around really giddy, laughing, smiling and giggling like a little school girl and truly being happy until-

My heart sunk into my stomach.

I brought my fingers up to my lips and briefly ran them across them, remembering the feeling of Zayns lips on my own. “I kissed Zayn…he kissed me…we kissed each other”

“oh my gosh, that’s why I’m here as well. I passed out in his arms” I spoke to myself as I let my head fall into my hands.

The images of last night ran through my head in flashbacks. Me kissing Zayn, him kissing my neck, my vision beginning to blur, me trying to warn him then bam I was gone.

“No, no, no” I said shaking my head “I can’t do this to him, to me” why do I always seem to get myself into this kind of mess!

“Arghhh!” I yelled as I threw the pillow across the room, making a loud noise as it hit the ensuite door.

“Belles?” I heard Zayns voice from down the hallway. Shit. I wasn’t ready to face him, not yet. It’s too soon, I haven’t even had the chance to think about how much that kiss actually meant to me so I jumped up quickly to close the door, only getting a small glimpse of him running up the hallway as I shut and locked it with the new small lock Zayn had thankfully put on the door.

I pushed my back against the door and let myself fall down to the ground. Un wanted tears began to build up in my eyes.

“Belles please just open the door we need to talk about this” Zayns voice loud from the other side of the door but I don’t reply or else he would know I’m in tears right now.

His voice softened “Isabella please” but still I sit there in silence.

I can hear Zayns footsteps leave from the door and patter down the hallway but still I cant move. All the pain that I have been feeling these last few weeks has just completely come over me and I burst out into tears.

After an hour I hear a small knock on the door behind me.

“Belles, I um, I made you something to eat” his voice trailed along queing me to reply but I didn’t.

“Belles please, just open the door, talk to me. About last night I-“ He began before I cut him off.

“I’m not hungry” Although my voice was really quiet I knew he had heard me. Once again I heard his feet travel up the hallway and back down in another 5 minutes.

A small piece of paper slipped under the door and I picked it up before reading it.

“I made you breakfast and a cup of tea, it’s your favourite. please come out I just want to talk about last night, I don’t know how you felt about what happened but it really did mean a lot to me x”

Tears began to build in my eyes again, I had no idea how much tears I had been holding back lately. I scrunched up the note and sat back up on the bed, curling into a small ball and sobbing myself to sleep.


I woke up surrounded by darkness. I didn’t know what the time was but judging by the lack of light, it was late. I picked up my phone to check the time and I was right, it was 2:17 am. When I clicked to open my phone I had noticed that there were several notifications on the home screen:

Missed Call from Zayn Malik (5)
Text Message from Zayn Malik (3)
Missed Call from Eleanor Calder (2)
Text Message from Eleanor Calder (1)
Text Message from Harry Styles (2)
Text Message from Liam Payne (1)
Text Message from Mason Edwards (1)

I was a little surprised at the amount of messages I had and by the looks of it, things weren’t going to be good. I really needed to pee so I thought that I’d go to the bathroom first then read my messages. I walked over to the en-suite, thankful that the guest room had one, before coming back into the room. I sat back down on the bed before picking up my phone again. I took a deep breath in before opening my messages.

From: Zayn Malik

Belle’s please, I understand that you may be upset but you have to talk to me about this, im in the same boat as you x

From: Zayn Malik

Seriously Belle’s, you’ve been in there all day and you haven’t eaten anything, I’m really worried about you. x

From: Zayn Malik

Isabella. If you want to stay in there all day then fine. But tomorrow you’re coming out, wether you like it or not. I don’t want you throwing everything away because of something stupid I did, I love you so im not going to let that happen. Come tomorrow we can either sit down and talk about it or I can leave the house so you have some time to yourself, it’s your call.

I sat there with my mouth open. Woah Zayn had just put his foot down with me. I didn’t know what to say or do so I continued on to Els messages.

From: Eleanor Calder

Hey Belles, just checking to see if every things alright? I tried calling you but you won’t answer your phone? Let me know x

I decided that id text her tomorrow since it was so late at night. I saw Harry’s message next but I just wasn’t up for that yet so I guess I’ll save him till last.

From: Liam Payne

Isabelle! How are things love? Zayn called me earlier and he was really worried for you, if you need anything you can always talk to either myself or Danielle x

From: Mason Edwards

Hello love :) I remember a certain someone saying they’d get in contact with me! But I just wanted to make sure you got Harry and yourself home safe the other night and if you were free sometime soon to just hang out? :)

And last but definitely not least, Harry.

From: Harry Styles

Isabella you said you’d call me to let me know how you were feeling, I just want to know that you’re feeling better so please just talk to me.

Ps: It kills me too you know, not being able to talk to you, especially when I’ve finally got you back in my life, well atleast I hope I do…

From: Harry Styles

Almost forgot, I love you, goodnight xxx

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