Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


33. The Bestfriends Here


Belle’s POV

The next week seemed to drag on really long, Harry has been super busy trying to finish the album before the tour starts so I understand why we haven’t been able to Skype lately but it still sucks. It felt the days went even slower since I was waiting for Els to come. I was so excited to get to see her, we could go on a massive shopping spree, see the sites together, I could even take her to the nice restaurants that Mason had taken me to, and there was just so much we had to do in such little time.

El had taken a flight at midnight so that she’d get here at around 8 in the morning but what she had forgotten was the time change which meant she had gotten in at 3am. I had set an alarm at 2:30am so I had enough time to get myself awake and down to the airport. I finally arrived at the airport and I looked up at the screens to try and find Els flight gate, she had texted the flight number before she left so I would know. As I looked up at the screens my phone started to vibrate in my bag so I pulled it out and it was Els.

“Hey” I said in my still sleepy voice.

“Someone just woke up” She laughed.

“You do realise that it’s 3am here” I laughed back.

“Shit the time difference, I totally forgot”

“Haha that’s fine, where are you love I can’t find your gate” I admitted

“Oh I’ve already left the gate, I’m walking towards the exit”

“Okay I guess I’ll see you soon then” I hung up and looked around for a few seconds before I spotted El walking towards me with all her bags on a trolley.

“BELLES!” She screamed while pushing her luggage faster.

“EL” I ran up to her giving her a big hug.

“I’ve missed your hugs so much” She said still hugging me back, there were a few people taking photos of us but we didn’t mind.

“You look so good” She added after pulling out the hug.

“Thank you, they’ve been taking good care of me up here” I laughed.

“You look so tanned and your hair looks amazing” She continued while we began to walk out to find a taxi.

“Aww stop it you’re going to make me blush” I teased. “What is that” I said out of amazement at her beautiful ring.

“Oh it’s a ring Louis got me, not an engagement ring or anything, just a promise ring” she said holding her hand out so we both could admire it.

“It’s so beautiful, How are the two of you anyway?” I asked while we put her luggage into the back of the taxi and getting in.

“We’ve never been better, we’ve been trying to spend a lot of time together before tour starts but he’s starting to get a bit busy but that’s fine, how about you, how’s things with Harry?” She asked.

I began to talk but the taxi driver interrupted me. “Excuse me but where do you want to go?” He asked.

“The management arrange a hotel for me but do you mind if we just go back to your place a chill out” El asked turning to me.

“Sure thing” I said before giving the taxi driver Julie and I’s address.

“So… you and Harry?” El asked

“Oh yeah, we’ve been alright” I said casually


“Well yeah, we’ve been good but he’s just been too busy for me lately which makes me a little sad’ I admitted.

“Oh Belles, he’s just working on the album and when it’s over trust me, it’s going to be all about you” She said with confidence.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Belles, trust me it’ll be fine” She said placing her hand on mine and giving a smile.

The rest of the drive was filled with small talk and questions about how her flight was, we arrived back at my hotel and a man helped us with the bags.

“Woah this place is really nice” El said while looking up at the building

“I told you, they’re really taking care of me here” I said with a smile

“Okay let’s get this stuff up to your room, I’m so tired, I couldn’t sleep the whole way here”

“You’re tired” I laughed “I forgot you woke up at 2:30 in the morning” I joked.

“Whatever” She laughed back and we went inside, as soon as we got into my apartment we both just jumped onto my bed and fell asleep.


El’s POV

Being in New York was amazing! Everything about it just drew me in. I missed Belles face so much, I miss having our girl time so it’s great that I’m here but I can tell she’s a bit sad about not being able to talk to Harry because he’s too busy and what’s even worse is that I can’t tell her why or else Harry would kill me. Once we had woken up Belles decided that she wanted to take me into to her work to show me around and introduce me to everyone. Everyone there was amazing but there was one who stood out the most, Mason. That boy was good looking and he had this was of looking at Belles that was pretty cute but nothing compare to the way Harry would look at her. My phone started to ring and I quickly looked at it to see it was Harry.

“Oh it’s just Lou calling I’ll be right back” I said to belles before walking outside.

“It’s Harry?” He said in a confused voice.

“Oh yeah, I’ll just tell her that you’re calling and then she’ll think something’s up and then bam, your surprise is ruined” I laughed

“Oh yeah that’s what I wanted to call you about anyways, the album should be done by Thursday so I was going to fly out on Friday, would you do me a favour and pretend you’re sick or something” HE said in a sly voice.

“You want me to fake being sick?” I was still laughing at his crazy plan.

“Well yeah, you know I haven’t seen my girlfriend for 2 months and I want it to be special and if you’re there…” He began talking before I cut him off.

“Okay okay, I get where you’re going, I’ll pretend I’m sick but you owe me”

“Thank you so much Els and remember you can’t tell her I want to surprise her” He was so romantic towards her sometimes.

“Yes I know, okay bye” I said before Belles walked out causing me to turning around.

“What did he say?” She asked with a cup of tea in her hand

“Oh he was just making sure I landed safely”

“Naww he’s so sweet” She smiled. “Do you want to go get some lunch?”

“Yeah that would be nice, I’m starving” I let out a small laugh before walking with Belle and Mason to get something to eat.

As we were walking I just thought to myself, today is Monday and Harry’s coming on Friday so I have to make sure I’m sick and she stays home on Friday and then my best friend will be the happiest girl in the world.


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