Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


6. Texting Malik

I walked into the apartment and i kicked off my heels to let my feet breathe, I picked up the note that El said she had left on the bench and I fell back on the couch as I started to read it.


I'm so so so sorry love but I have to help my mum today, i'll probs call or text you later to explain but your date! Everything's been sorted out, you're going to a very nice restaurant so please dress up love, I've put a few dresses on your bed that i think will look stunning on you so please wear one of them, He's going to stop by to pick you up at half past 7 so be ready, text me when you leave okay!

love you soo much and i'm sorry i'm not there, good luck and have fun... but not too much ;)

Eleanor xx

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was only 6 so i decided that i'll just lay down on the couch for a bit, choose what i'm going to wear, have a nice long bubble bath and then get ready for tonight. I was scrolling through my phone before it started to vibrate, my phone said I had a new text but it was from a number I didn't have...

Hey babe, was just wondering if you were still up for that date? ;) x

I knew it was Zayn so I added his number to my phone before I replied.

To: Zayn Malik

Of course I am! :)
Would we be able to do it another night though, i'm busy tonight :( x

I sent to him smiling at the thought that he had texted me and was still keen to go out. He almost instantly replied and I just loved it when people reply back fast.

From: Zayn Malik

Anytimes fine with me, as long as I get to see your pretty face again :) x

As I read his text my face went pink. We kept texting each other back and forth as we started to get to know each other so we could avoid that awkward stage of the date where all you do is talk about your interest. We talked about even the smallest things like our favourite colours, artists, movies and tv shows.

Sometimes I would even think about calling El to tell her I was sick so i didn't have to go on a date with her friend but then I'd realise that maybe this guy was a really good guy or that maybe Zayn wasn't even interested in me that way so i didn't and besides it's only 1 date so that's fine.We had talked for a while before one of the awkward question became to come up....

From: Zayn Malik

What's the story of why you're single? A lovely girl like you should have a boyfriend for sure!

I sighed a little before answering.

To: Zayn Malik

You know the usual, dated a guy but things didn't work out, How about you?

I tapped sent and then looked at the clock, it was already 7. I had been texting Zayn for an hour and i didn't even notice the time flying by. I decided to change my long bubble to a nice cool shower as I wouldn't have enough time if I did as I got up from the couch my phone vibrated again.

From: Zayn Malik

We'll i think he's stupid for letting you go. Well I was always busy with work and so was Rebecca so things didn't really work out, but it was a mutual break up so it was nice

To: Zayn Malik

Well i think that's lovely that the two of you could agree on something even though you weren't together. But I have to go now i'm going out soon so i'll text you after? :)

I dropped my phone on the bed and looked at the three outfits El had pulled out for me. They were all so beautiful so it took me a long time to decide. I decided to go with a simple dress because i didn't know where I was going and I didn't want to over dress.


I jumped into the shower and played some music to sing to while I was in there. After I got out the shower I put on my dress and heels. I did my make up very natural looking like I always would and I let my hair out. After i was finished getting ready it was only 7:20pm but that was fine because i liked being early for things.

I decided that I should text Els before I left to let her know how things were going so i grabbed my phone. I had a text from Zayn so I checked it before I texted her

From: Zayn Malik

Okay, Me Lou and Niall are staying in tonight, we're just watching movies so text whenever, have fun xx

I thought it was cute that he wanted me to have fun. I figured that i'd just reply to him when I got back so that i didn't interrupt his movie so I texted Els instead.

To: Eleanor Calder

Hey Els, I'm just about to go on my date, getting really nervous! and you'll never guess who i'm going out to dinner with... Zayn Malik! I'm really excited because we've been texting and he's a really sweet guy, all the boy from One Direction are tbh, but hopefully one of these dates go good for me! Finger crossed xx

I walked into my room to try find my laptop. I was just going to go onto tumblr and kill some time but the door bell had just rung so there was no need. I turned around and walked towards the front door and a wave of nerves came across me, i didn't usually get nervous so I felt really shy. As I opened the door to greet my date, i just smiled and laughed quietly to myself because for the third time today, it was Harry Styles that was looking back at me.

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