Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


20. Rumors

After placing all the groceries on the counter Zayn began to put them away as I placed myself on it and grabbed the packet of skittles he had brought and sat there eating them.

"So what kind of work have you guys been doing lately?" I asked while picking out the red and purple ones as they were the only one I liked.

Zayn just laughed before replying with a funny look on his face. "What kind of work have we been doing?"

"How's that funny" I questioned his laughter.

"Okay what do you really want to ask me" He knew me too well but I didn't want to say what.

"What do you mean?" 

"Belle..." He gave me this look, this look that said he wasn't going to stop now that he knew.

"Fine... what's Harry been doing lately, he's never at his place, he's always avoiding me and he always has work to do" I said letting out a sigh.

"Belles" He said dropping the groceries and placing himself on the counter next to me. "He's not cheating on you if that's what you're thinking, he's just doing all the work now so that he can spend time with you before we start tour again and there's not much time" He said be grabbing the skittle bag from my hands.

"Hey you ate all the good ones!" He frowned but I just let out a small laugh. I never actually thought about the chance of Harry cheating on me but why would Zayn go straight to the point there? Harry wouldn't call the boys and tell him to cover for him would he?

Zayn tore me from my thoughts by jumping off the counter and hitting my thigh."Can you grab the rest of the food" he asked with his hands full of food already.

“Yeah, i’ll be one sec” I said giving him a smile before pulling out my phone.

To: Harry Styles

Hey babe, Zayn and I are just hanging around his place, you should come by when you’re not busy? xx

I tapped send before grabbing the food Zayn put to the side. I walked into his lounge and jumped onto the opposite side of the long couch. He had the remote in his hand and he was scrolling through all the channels but nothing was on.

From: Harry Styles

Sorry babe but I’ll be busy all day, do you have the spare key with you because I locked the door xx

After reading his text alot of different thoughts ran through my mind but I just pushed them to the back of my head.

To: Harry Styles

Oh no that’s okay and yeah I do so i’ll be fine, text me when you’re on your way back xx

I threw my phone down and looked at the TV, Zayn was still scrolling through all the channels trying to find something to watch.

“Hey, do you want to go out today?” I suggested

“Where do you want to go?” He said giving up on the tv

“We could go watch a movie”

“Okay i’ll book our tickets then we can go” He said pulling out his phone

“Umm Zayn do you have any pants I could wear, I don’t think I should go out in pj shorts and bunny slippers” I said giving off a laugh.

“Sorry love, I don't carry girls clothes" He laughed back. "It'll be fine, we'll just go into a private theater and go through the back" He added

"You've always got a plan Malik" I said sitting down next to him with my feet tucked up on the couch, just sitting there drumming on him lap waiting for him to finish booking some tickets.

"Done!" He said after about 5 minutes. "We're good to go" He added getting up with a smile.

"Can you carry me my legs hurt" I said with puppy dog eyes so I didn't have to get up. He just shook his head and laughed while turning around to give me a piggy back. I just on and used the sides of my feet to nudge him.

"Off we go" I managed to get out between my laughs.

After taking 5 minutes longer than it should've, almost falling over 4 times and non-stop laughter we had finally managed to get to the from door.

"Why thank you Malik" I said giving him a little curtsy as a joke

"Oh it was my pleasure madame" He joked back.

We did like Zayn had planned and went around the back and into the theater  We watched a movie and it was so funny that we just laughed the whole way through. After the got out of the theater it was a bit darker than we thought it would be so we decided to head off.

"So where now" Zayn asked before driving.

"Well i'm really tired so I think i'll go back to Harry's but can we go to Mc Donald or something first just so I dont get hungry later on" I laughed.

"Mc Donalds it is" He said taking off.

"Hey what are you doing tomorrow" I asked

"Well I think all the boys but me and Niall are in the studio tomorrow so I though I'd might give him a call" He said still keeping his eyes on the road.

"Would the two of you be interested in helping me do some shopping, Harry has like no food at his"

"Niall loves food so i'm sure he'd love to" He laughed as we pulled into the drive through.

After placing our order and Zayn signing an autograph for one of the girls working he dropped me at Harry's.

"Okay i'll text you in the morning" I said waving good bye and carrying my food inside with me. I walked to the door but it was locked which meant Harry wasn't back yet. I pulled out my spare key and walked into his empty apartment. I decided to go on his laptop to kill the boredom of being alone. After a while of being on the internet and seeing alot of things about mine and Harrys relationship i decided to google Harry Styles. I saw a long list of the same title so I clicked on the first one and began to read.

Splitting With Style?

- It seems that not everything is sweet between the star couple Harry Styles and girlfriend of almost 2 month Isabella Johnson. It appears that the two have both been photographed with other people out and about today in London. Isabella Johnson was seen getting cossy with fellow band mate Zayn Malik, although we have suspected something going for a while now, even before her public relationship with Styles, the two were seen shopping together, pulling up to Zayn's house and catch a movie later on in the day -

Bellow were pictures of Zayn and I arriving at his apartment and arriving at the theater  both in which I was wear my pj's and bunny slippers which I now regretted.

- Meanwhile boyfriend Harry Styles has seem to be rekindling with old flame and once rumored girlfriend Rosie Lee.

My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach but my eyes wouldn't look away from the screen.

- Harry Styles and Rosie Lee have apparently been seen together not once, not twice but three times at numerous bars and restaurants but there is still no photographic evidence of this what so ever, so wither or not this couple have officially split and are seeing other people is yet to be confirmed.-

I didn't know what to think so I just shut the laptop screen and lay my head back on the bed. I didn't know if this was true or just something made up. It would explain why Harry had been so distant lately but since I love Harry i'd have to give him the befit of the doubt and just not believe it for the time being because I just don't know what I would do if Harry really did cheat on me. Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind as a slowly fell asleep with tears in my eyes.

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