Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


23. Mr. Binachi


After about 15 minutes we had arrived at Mr. Binachi’s and I was really nervous. Zayn and I had been so close for the last two months but I had never brought him here before. We pulled up outside the restaurant and I had realised I had forgotten something.

“Damn it!”

“What is it?” Zayn asked

“Mr Binachi’s daughter, Gabriella, she’s only 8 but she has the same birthday as me and I usually bring her a present but I forgot” I sat there thinking for a second. “Zayn can you please meet her and hang out with her for a little bit” I added

He sat there for a bit before agreeing. “Yay! Okay just wait here until I give you the signal” I said

“Fine but you owe me one” He said as I got out of the car. I walked into the restaurant and Gabriella was already waiting for me.

“Belle!” She ran up to me screaming before I picked her up and hugged her.

“Hi Gabi” I said still holding onto her. “Did you remember my present?” I added

“Yes, it’s in the back, did you remember mine” She said with a big smile.

“Oh yeah but I think I left it in the car, want to go get it with me?” I asked and she just nodded really big. I was still carrying her as we walked outside of the restaurant, I bent down a little bit so Zayn could see me and I gave him a little nod before he got out of the car.

“Look Gabi” I said pointing over to Zayn and he smiled and waved to her while walking over. She was so shy that she did even scream, she just buried her face into my neck which made me giggle.

“Hi, i’m Zayn” Zayn said now standing next to me.

“Now now Gabriella don’t be rude, say hello to Isabella’s guest” Mr Binachi said coming out of the restaurant.

“Mr Binachi!” I said giving him a smile.

“Hi, i’m Gabi” She said lifting up her head in a shy tone which made us all smile.

“Zayn do you mind holding her please” He didn’t hesitate and he held her while talking to her. I gave Mr. Binachi a hug and kiss on the cheek. We all went inside and sat down at a table. Gabi was still sitting on Zayn but he didn’t mind at all, he was a natural with kids.

“Is this your boyfriend” Gabi asked me making me realise I had properly made it clear that Zayn and I were only friends.

“No, that’s my best friend” I said looking at Zayn smiling, he just smiled back.

“Gabriella, why don’t you take Zayn to get Isabella’s present for her” Mr Binachi asked her. She jumped off his lap and pulled him by the hand and led the way. Zayn just laughed and followed her and it was only Mr Binachi and I left at the table.

“Did you have a good birthday little Bella?” He asked with a smile on his face.

“Yeah it was lovely, I woke up to my boyfriend and all my friends and their gifts which was amazing” I replied.

“Are you still with Harry?” He asked

“Yeah, it’s our two month anniversary today actually” I smiled thinking about how we came here for our first date.

“That boy really loves you, I could tell that from when I first met him” I smiled because I loved him too. “He looks at you the same way I look at my wife, the same way this boy looks at you too” I paused for a second because I wasn’t expecting him to say that.

“Zayn...but he’s my best friend” I added

“He might be that but he might love you as much as Harry does, maybe even more. When he was looking at you it was like you were the only one here. The look that says he’d give the whole world up to make you happy and it’s not just him, it’s you too Bella. I see you, sometimes you will just sit there and let him take your breath away and the best thing about it neither of you know this. You un-subconsciously love each other. Now the two of you may fall in love and be together or you may just stay friends forever but you need to know that no matter what that boy will always be there for you, no matter what crazy things you do he’ll always be behind you.”

Everything he was saying was so much to take in. I had never realised any of this but then again maybe I did. I did love Zayn and I never wanted to lose him which is why we were better off friends, so I would never have to go through the pain if I did and besides I was madly in love with Harry but I guess they were both in different ways.

Zayn walked back to the table with Gabriella in his arms and a small box in his hands. They both sat back down at the table and Zayn placed the small box in front of me.

“I already looked at it and you’re going to love it” He said with a smile

“Oh yeah, and what if I don’t” I teased

“Well then I guess you’re just hurting poor little Gabi’s feelings” He teased back making Mr. Binachi smile. I opened the box and there was a silver lucky necklace in there.


“Naww thank you Gabi” I leaning in to hug her.

“Want me to put it on you love?” Zayn asked and I just nodded my head and turned around. He put it on me and I looked at myself in the reflection of the window.

“Very pretty Isabella” Mr Binachi said standing up. “I’ll go make you some lunch okay” He added.

“Thank you so much” I said smiling at him.

After we sat and ate at Mr. Binachi’s and talked for a bit Zayn insisted that we left to go back to Harry’s. I agreed with him and we said goodbye. The thought of what Mr. Binachi had said was still in my head and I was constantly thinking about it.

“We’re back” I yelled into the Harry’s place not knowing if anyone was actually there.

“I missed you so much but it’s time to get dressed” Harry said wrapping his arms around me from behind, I gasped since he surprised me.

“You scared me!” I said turning around still in his grip.

He chuckled “Sorry love” before placing a kiss on my lips causing me to laugh.

“Oh get a room” Zayn joked walking in as well.

“Fine by me” Harry teased.

I just laughed before replying. “I thought I had to get ready for something” I said snaking my arms around his neck.

“I’ve got your dress out already let me show you it” He said before picking me up to carry me to his room, my legs wrapping around his waist. Zayn just smiled and shook his head while sitting down on the couch. When we got to the room he dropped me onto the bed and I looked at the dress lying there.


“What. Is. That.” I said taking long pauses between my words looking at the beautiful dress that was lying there.

“It’s your dress, I brought it for you today” he said wrapping his arms around my waist from behind as I faced towards the bed.

“Harry, seriously this dress would’ve cost a fortune, I don’t care if it’s my birthday...”

He soon cut me off “It’s not for your birthday..... It’s for our anniversary” I was absolutely flattered that he remembered since he hadn’t mentioned anything about it all day I thought he had forgotten.

I turned around to face him. “Aww, I love you” I said placing a kiss on his lips.

“I love you too, now go get ready or we’re going to be late” He said taking off his clothes and walking into the bathroom.

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