Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


5. Lunch On The Rooftop

At lunch I went onto the rooftop to try and call El to see if she was still coming by for lunch. I tried calling the apartment but there was no answer so I called her mobile and she answered.

"Hey Belles, i'm sorry I haven't texted you yet but my mum called telling me she's sick and she was meant to fly to paris to meet my cousin who was changing over flights there so now I have to go instead but I should only be a few hours because i'm at the airport now. I really have to go but i left a note on the bench at home to tell you all about your date tonight" I could hear that she was walking through the airport.

"Oh yeah that's what I wanted to talk to you about too, I got another date!" I began to tell her before she cut me off.

"Oh my gosh, you have to tell me all about it but I really have to go now babes sorry, love you"

"Oh no, thats fine, text me whenever you can, love you too" I then hung up the phone.

Since Els wasn't coming by i thought i'd grab something to eat then bring it back up here since I would come here and enough the cool London breeze. I loved coming to the rooftop so much because it was so beautiful, So beautiful that Els and I both made one on the top of our apartment.  As I opened the door to go back downstairs I had been knocked over by someone walking in the opposite direction. 

"Seriously, twice in one day" I mumbled to myself as i started to get up. I looked up to see that once again it was Harry that had bumped into me, he extended his arm out to help me up.

"I'm so sorry, that's twice in one day" He said so sweetly while he scratched the back of his head. I just giggled as I just said the exact same thing but I guess I didn't say it that loud.

"That's fine, I guess i'm just accident prone. Hey where's the rest of the boy?" I asked because i noticed that he was alone.

"You mean Zayn" He said nudging me and giving a wink. He just laughed at himself and kept talking."They're just hanging out with Julie so I thought I'd try and find somewhere quite to call my mum"

"aw that's so sweet of you, I was just going down to get a coffee and some lunch then I was going to come back up here and just enjoy the view, would you like something?" I asked politely

"Are you asking to have lunch with me" He said in such a flirtatious tone.

"Please Styles, it's my job to make sure I can be of your assistance at any time" I said mocking the way Andrew has said it to him earlier. We both just burst out into laughter for a seconds because of how much I sounded like him.

"But that would be lovely if you could, I'm absolutely starving!"

"Okay, i'll be back soon" I said as I was walking down the stairs"

I seen him pull his phone out of his pocket and start calling his mum as he walked out the door. I went to the small cafe area and  grabbed two coffee's and a tray of sandwiches. I also grabbed a couple croissants because I was just in love with how amazing they tasted and headed back to the roof. I knocked on the door and slowly popped my head out to make sure he wasn't still talking on the phone.

"Are you still on the phone" I slightly whispered just incase he was.

"Not anymore, Would you like a hand?" It wasn't really a question, it was more of a statement because he had already walked over to me and grabbed the tray of sandwiches. We sat down at the small table and I gave him his coffee. We both just sat there for a while in silence enojying our coffee and the view.

He soon broke the silence. "It really is beautiful up here"

"I know it's one of the reason I just love coming to work everyday" I flashed him a smile to let him know that i truly loved it up here.

"What else brings you to work then?"

I began to talk in a sarcastic tone "Well I just like to hope that one day I'd get to meet One Direction and I'd get to spend some quality 1 on 1 time with the hottest in the band.." I looked over to him to see he was looking at me with blushing cheeks and a small smirk on his face "...Zayn Malik" i finished saying before i broke into laughter.

"Hahaha, good one" he said nudging me with his elbow. We both just sat there giggling for a while.

"Okay but honestly... if I was free tonight I would jumped at the chance to take you on a date... you seem real" He said glancing up at me.

I started to blush "Oh that's so sweet... what are you doing tonight?" I asked sounding very curious.

"Well Louis is seeing this girl and they though it would be a good idea if..." he was cut off by Niall who had just walked throught the door.

"Harry, we've been looking for you everywhere!" His Irish accent was so adorable. "Oh I see you're trying to steal Zayn's date hey mate" He gave Harry a wink and Harry just shook his head. Niall began to walk over to us because he had seen the sandwiches on the table.

"Oh are we going now?" Harry asked sounding kind of down.

Niall laughed a little before he replied. "Yeah we have to stop by the studio before we're down for today, we were meant to leave about ten minutes ago but someone decided to run off"

"Oh i'm so sorry, I brought Harry up a coffee, i didn't even ask if he had the time" I apoligised

"No it's fine love, I guess i'll just talk to you another time then, yeah?" he said as he was standing up and smiling at me. I just smile and nodded back.

"Do you mind if i take some of these, there's none left down stairs" Niall was pointing at the sandwiches while looking really shy.

"Take them all i don't think I can eat another one" I said laughing and rubbing my stomach

Niall thanked me and took the whole tray of sandwiches. All the boys said goodbye then left and Zayn said he'd text me later as he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I slightly blushed. I Finished all the work I had left to do then I grabbed my coat and started to go home. Today had been a really good day but hopefully tonight was going to be better.

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