Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


57. Liam's Birthday Pt 2



Harry’s eyes widened as they made contact with mine “Isabella?”

“Harry” I repeated as it was all that would come out.

He took a step closer to me, wrapping his hand around my waist. Even his touch made me nervous “Can we go somewhere quieter to talk” he spoke into my ear, slightly slurring his words.


“Please” He said with a sad look on his face, a look I couldn’t say no to. I gave him a small nod and he took me by the hand and led me out towards the back where the hallway to the bathroom was.

Harry opened the door and we walked in the hallway, the closing door behind me containing the music into the room. We stood there in silence staring at each other as the music muffled in the background.

“Isabella, you… you left me” He said breaking the silence “I tried to find you but I couldn’t”

He looked at me for a reply but I didn’t know what to say.

“I looked for you everywhere but you hid from me” he said his words seeming to make a little angry “Why?”

Why? That was the only question I didn’t want to hear from him. I didn’t know how to answer it. Sure it all made sense to me but there was no way it would make sense to him.

“I’m sorry Harry it’s just –“

“Just what?!” He said his voice beginning to become louder “I love you Belles and I know you still love me so why?”

I had soon realised that he wasn’t getting angrier, he was breaking down. I was causing him all this stress and pain and to make things worst he was drunk. I could tell as I took a step closer to him the strong smell of alcohol coming from his breath and his heavy eyes staring at mine.

 I buried myself into his chest. Something that was much needed and felt like the only thing that could sooth all the pain the two of us had gone through. His arms wrapped around me pulling my body as close to his as he possible could, my nose taking in scent as my head rested on his chest.

I began to pull away before Harry pulled me back “Please don’t go” He mumbled into my hair.

I pulled back again “I have to Harry, I’m sorry”

“You don’t have to, you know you can stay”

I stood there, a few inches between harry and myself, trying to find what I needed to pull myself away from him before my name was called


My head shot to the side to see Mason standing there.

“Oh my gosh, where have you been?!” he almost yelled pulling me from Harry’s arms and engulfing me in his own.

“Long story, I’ll tell you about-“ I began before I felt hands separate the two of us. Harry’s hand rested on my stomach as he softly pushed me back.  Once I saw his jaw tense up, eyebrows furrowed and fist clenched I knew this wasn’t good.

Harry’s arm swung around and punched Mason in the face causing him to fall to the ground “Harry?!” I yelled pushing him back.

“Not again Edwards” Harry deep voice threatened him.

 “Have you lost your mind?!” I said standing in front of him so he couldn’t get to Mason.

“What the fuck?” Mason said from the ground

“Harry go wait down there, I’ll be with you in a minute” I said pointing down the hallway.

“I’m not going anywh-“ he began to retaliate before I spoke over the top of him

“Harry please, you’re drunk” I said placing my hand on his chest and softly pushing him away. He complied and walked away.

I ran over to help Mason up. I placed my hand on his chin tilting his face to each side to get a better look at the mark on the left side  of his face “Come I’ll take you to get first aid or something” I told Mason as I helped him.

“Don’t go” Harry called out causing us to stop “Please don’t leave me again”

“I have to help him Harry I’m sorry”

A loud grunt slipped from Harry’s lips before I heard a loud bang from behind me. Harry had taken his frustration out on the wall.

A small mumble came out “Harry” as I watched him in his anger.

Mason tilted his head towards Harry and I questioned what he meant.

“He obviously needs you more than I do and seriously it didn’t even hurt that much” He said bringing his fingers up to his face. He flinched as he touched the sore spot causing the both of us to laugh.

“I’ll call you after okay” I said as I walked towards Harry.

“Just make sure you take care of him first” He called back.

I jogged down the hallway and stopped as I got to Harry. He stood a distance from me trying to calm his self down. I took a step towards him and ran my fingers over his cheek, instantly feeling the deep breaths he was releasing. I untwined his clenched fist and tangled my fingers within his.

“Let’s go” I said leading him away from the hole he had placed in the wall. He followed me close behind.

“I feel sick” He began to complain as he followed me.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have drunk so much” I teased.

“Hey, I went to go pick up a friend and everyone kept giving me drinks by the time I got back here I just, I don’t know actually I can’t remember” he slurred out in a slow voice, slower than the usually.

“How were you getting home?” I questioned

“Well I drove here so I’m driving back” He answered but there was no way in hell I was letting him get behind the wheel of the car.

“Harry give me your keys” I said putting my hand out

“No, you can’t leave it here tonight something might happen to it, I’ll be fine” he said trying to convince me.

“You’re not driving and I’m not leaving your car here, I’m driving you home”

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