Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


42. Its Good To Be Back


Belle’s POV

After spending 2 months in New York there wasn’t a better way to feel more at home than a night in with Zayn, although I did feel a bit bad for dumping my problems on him as soon as I got back all he could say was “hey, what are best friends for” which was really what I needed to hear. I think everyone needs someone like Zayn, the boy best friend who can go from playful to deep in the blink of an eye when needed. We ended up watching movies and eating junk food like old times which was so much fun before falling asleep on the couch.

The next morning I was woken up to the sound of my phone vibrating against the coffee table, I tried to be quiet s that I didn’t wake up Zayn.

From: Harry Styles

Morning love, Are you awake yet I’ll come pick you up now xxx

I saw that it was sent about 15 minutes ago so he was probably still waiting for my reply so I quickly sent a text back to him.

To: Harry Styles

Hey babe, yeah just woke up now but if you leave in about 5 minutes I should be ready xxx

I sat up and flipped my hair upside down trying to tie my hair into a bun since it was all over the place before I felt the shuffling of Zayn from behind me “Good morning” He said very groggily.

“Actually it’s the afternoon” I said laughing

He sat up next to me and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands before letting out a yawn. He stood up and he was only wearing sweats so I guess he had thrown his shirt off some way through the night “You hungry?” He said walking into the kitchen

I went into the guest room and got my bag “Nah I’m fine, I’ll probs get hungry later on so I’ll wait for Harry, he’s coming now” I yelled back before walking back into the lounge and dropping my bag on the floor next to the couch so that I could throw on a jumper.

My phone began to vibrate in my hand and it was harry.

“Hello” I said answering the call

“Hey, I’m just out the front”

“Okay i’m coming” I said before hanging up and jogging into the kitchen to say bye to Zayn. He was pouring him a bowl of cereal so I ran up behind and gave him a hug and placed a kiss on his back “Thank you for letting me vent, I missed having you around” I admitted him

“Anytime” He said turning around and hugging me back

“But Harry’s here so I’ve gotta go” I said while walking towards the door

“Wait a sec!” Zayn called out to me through a mouth full of cereal causing me to stop and turn around “I want you to have this, it might help” He said while taking off one of the necklaces he would always wear, I looked at it and it was a small coin looking thing that he used for luck.

“Zayn I can’t take that, it’s your lucky charm, you need it for the tour” I said politely

“Well I think you need it more right now, it’ll help smoothen things out and besides you’re coming on tour with us so technically I’ll still have it” He said while putting in around my neck

“Before you went to New York you had your necklace and everything was good, you lost it while you were there and now look at your trouble” He said now smiling at his necklace around my neck “

Now go, don’t want Harry to get moody” He said laughing

“I’ll see you tomorrow alright” I called out in the apartment before closing the door behind me, I walked toward Harry’s car and a singing Harry was in the front seat drumming against the steering wheel which made me laugh. I through my bag into the back before getting into the front seat and giving him a kiss. He began to drive back to his while he subconsciously held onto my hand with his free one which always made me blush.

“So what did you get up to last night?” I asked him

“Ed and I went out for a few drinks and then we went back to his place afterwards with a couple of his friends” He replied his eyes sometime glancing at me while he was driving.

“These friends were all guys right?” I asked sounded a bit jealous

He sat there laughing quietly to himself before replying “Yes there were a few girls there and no there’s nothing you need to worry about” He answered as if I had actually asked what I was trying to “And besides they were Ed’s friends and it was at his place so I couldn’t ask them to leave love”

“Oh no I understand, just as long as they weren’t like crazy hot” I said turning to him

“You’re so cute sometimes you know” He said smiling at me as we pulled up to his drive way.

We got out of the car and headed inside “What, I can’t be insecure if you’ve got friends that you’re more attracted to than me”

“Belles stop, you know that there’s no one I find more beautiful in the world than you and besides I think I should be the one concerned about the attractive friends” He said taking off his shirt.

“Not the Mason thing again, I know you don’t like him Harry but please just give him a chance” I said before dropping my bag into the closet and walking back to him.

“Yes I know, I said I will and besides the guys got good taste in woman” he said flashing a wink

I knew that if we kept talking about it then it would’ve just made Harry think about it more so I walked over to him place my hands on his chest while kissing him. I noticed he had just left his shirt on the floor which made me shake my head because he would always do it. I pulled away from the kiss to pick it up and put in the laundry basket before he grabbed me by the waist, pulling me back in “uh uh, I wasn’t done yet” He said with a sly smirk on his face

“I told you not to leave your clothes on the floor” I begun to tease him but he just laughed and kissed me again

“That’s enough Harry” I said with a laugh “I’m really hungry, want to go out to get something to eat?”

“Yeah, where do you want to go?” he asked

“Anywhere’s fine, just let me have a shower first and then we can go” I said back with a smile


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