Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


31. It's Best To Clear Things Up

Mason and I decided to go out for lunch today, I though that it would be good if I were able to talk to him about things. Since my dream last night I was a bit on edge about everything do I thought it would be best to try clear everything up.

"Mase, can I ask you something?" He looked up at me before replying.

"Go ahead" He said giving a smile.

"How come you won't go on a date with Melissa?" I asked straight up.

"I don't know... I just" He mumbled

"If it's because of me I just want you to know that I'm really happy Mason, Harry and I are Happy together" I  placed my hand on his to reassure him.

He just sat there in silence, his eyes were stuck on our hands and he just gave a small smile.

"It would mean alot to me if you would just try things with Melissa, I went through alot of trouble to arrange that for you and she was really looking forward to it" I tried persuading him and I guess it worked since he finally looked up.

"Fine, one date just to see how things are" He said giving a smile.

"Yay" I cheered before we both continued normal conversation and began to eat our lunch. After lunch we just went for a walk around the area before returning back to work in time for prep. I went to see April in the make up room to tell her about Mason's change of mind.

"April" I said dragging out the l

"Belle, you're early" She laughed.

"Oh no i'm here to tell you that Mason is keen on that date with Melissa" I said giving a smile.

"Really? I thought he had his sights set on ...." she paused for a second and looked be up and down "someone in particular" she winked.

"He doesn't and yes he's keen, we talked about it today"

"Oh when the two of you went out for lunch" She continued to tease.

"April" I warned her

"I'm just kidding love, I know you and Harry are together and happier than ever" she gave a smile

"Thank you... Hey can ask you something" i asked

"ooo trouble in paradise is it?" She said patting the seat for me to sit down.

"I wouldn't say trouble but Harry and I... we haven't been talking as much lately because of the distance and work and I'm scared that maybe we're starting to fall apart and I don't want that to happen" I said quickly.

"Well I think it's simple, you've got to just tell him how you feel and then you guys can work on it" She replied.

"Alright i'll just go text him and i'll be back soon okay" I said getting up from the chair. "Oh and thank you" I added.

"Anytime" April said smiling back at me before I left the room. I pulled out my phone and texted Harry.

To: Harry Styles

Hey babe, I’ve got nothing on tonight after work and I'm just hoping you don't either, I really want to talk to, love and miss you xx


I accepted Harry’s skype call and I dropped my laptop on my bed letting it load. I walked over to my clothes on the side of my room and threw off my dress from work and looked for shirt to put on before a heard a voice.

“Why hello there” Harry said since I was on the screen and only wearing my bra and underwear.

“One sec I’m just trying to get changed” I yelled over to the laptop.

“Wear one of my t-shirts” He said before I picked up two of his shirts.

“Which one?” I said holding up two plain coloured shirts in blue and white.

“Well personally I’d prefer neither” He said in his cheeky voice.

“Harry” I said raising an eyebrow

“Fine.... um the white” He said before the threw it over my head and letting it fall over my body.

“How was your day” I said while jumping onto the bed and pulling the laptop onto me.

“Same as usual, you?”

“Pretty much the same” I replied. “Can you hold one second, i left my cup of tea in the kitchen” I added before running out of the room.

“Oh and guess who got a date” I yelled out as I walked back towards my bed.

“Umm it better not be you” He said in a slightly stern voice.

“Yes Harry, I’m going on a date with another guy” I said in a very sarcastic tone.

“Oh you mean Mason” He said jealously coming into his voice.

“Harry please don’t start with the whole Mason thing again, I’ve already told you there nothing going on and besides he’s the one I got a date”

“How did you get him to do that, I heard he had a crush on you” He said starting to lighten up.

“I was just honest with him, I told him that you’re that one that makes me happy and that we’re happy together” I admitted.

“Aww cute love” He said showing of his beautiful dimples.

“Um but I think we need to talk about something Harry” I said doing the same thing I did with Mason, being honest. It seemed to work with him so I guess it was worth the shot.

“Well that’s not usually the best thing you like to hear after your girlfriend tells you about how the guy she works with that has a crush on her has a date ...” He said before shaking his hair then pushing it to the side with his hand.

“Firstly, it has nothing to Mason, the only Mason and I scenario there is, is when we’re at work that’s it and secondly ....” I quickly turned to the side and placed the cup of tea onto the bed side table. “I think that maybe we haven’t been spending that much time talking lately” I added.

“You mean like... growing apart?” He asked

“Yes, well I don’t mean I think we are but I think that it would be better if we see each other more”

“There’s only 3 weeks till you come home Belles, 3 weeks till I get to see you at the airport, till I get to hold you again. I've been counting down the days for so long now so it doesn't matter how little we get to talk, the day I get you back again is the day I’ll be the happiest guy ever. I know it’s because we both have work commitments but I think you should make the most of your time there you know, put 200% into it” He said with a smile.

“I swear you always know what to say” I said smiling back.

“That’s why I’m so good with the ladies” He said giving a wink.

“Oh I’m sure you are Harry” I teased

“Yeah I’d show you how good I am but I have a girlfriend, Sorry” He said causing us both to laugh.

“Naww, I love you” I said after our little laugh attack

“I love you too Belles” He said before letting out a yawn. “But i’m going to go to sleep, it’s getting a bit late here so just text me when you wake up since you wake later on”

“Okay goodnight love” I said blowing a kiss and he blew one back before leaving.

I closed my laptop and placed it on the ground before picking up my cup of tea and quickly drinking what was left in the cup. I got up and went to take the cup to the kitchen and place it in the sink then running back to my bed and just letting my head sink into the pillows.

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