Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


60. Hanging with Elounor

Once Els had picked me we went back to our apartment. It was still the same as usual except with a few more things here and there.

“We’re going out for the day so feel free to just stay if you want some time to yourself or something, then again this is your apartment also so re-make yourself at home” Eleanor explained with a laugh.

I walked over to the couch and allowed my body to completely fall onto it. I just wanted to lay there for a while in my own space.

“Lou are you ready yet?” Els yelled through the apartment

“Actually love I think I’m going like this” He replied before running out in just his boxers. I flinched away so that I wasn’t looking at him half naked.

“LOUIS” She tried to say firm but she couldn’t help but laugh at his outburst

“Oh hey Belles, how are you”

“Go get dressed please” Els exclaimed before I could answer

“Fine but I think I need a little help” She shook her head while following him into the bedroom.

I continued to lay on the couch with no intentions of moving anytime soon. My mind was so just so packed and stressing me out that I wanted to escape it for as long as I could by taking a nap.


I wasn’t sure what the time was but due to the lighting change in the room I could tell I had slept for a few hours. I sat up to check the time, my head ache from earlier still slightly present, I guess having a nap made it worse. Once I went to reach my phone there was a note next to it so I picked that up instead.

“Belle’s, you fell asleep before Lou and I left and we didn’t want to wake incase you werent feeling well. We’ll be back around 6 so if you need anything in the meantime just text me. Love El and Lou xxx”

I grabbed my phone and decided on texting Els

To: Eleanor Calder

Hey love, are you guys having dinner in or out? I might make something to eat x

I tapped send before getting up to look what was in the kitchen. Once looking through what was in the fridge and in the cupboard I decided on making a chicken stir fry. My phone vibrate against the counter and it was El replying to my text.

From: Eleanor Calder

Lou and I are coming back a bit early so we could have dinner in with you love, you can start making it and we can help once we get in? x

To: Eleanor Calder

Okay sounds like a plan! X

So now I was preparing dinner for 3 so I grabbed out a few more ingredients. I began to chop up the vegetables and fry the chicken. I didn’t realise how much I loved cooking in this kitchen, It made me feel really calm.

After about 15 minutes of cooking my phone vibrated. I washed my hands under the tap to clean off the excess food that was on there before the front door opened aswell.

“Belles, we’re back” Eleanor almost sung.

“Smells great in here” Lou added following behind her.

“Really, you guys texted me to tell me you were about to walk in the door”

“I didn’t text you?” Els said with a rather confused look as she slipped into the kitchen.

“Oh” I grabbed to see who had texted me and it was Harry.

From: Harry Styles

Just wanted to make sure you’re feeling better? xxx

I stood there staring at my phone for a minute trying to decided weither or not it was a good idea to text him back before I was torn from my thoughts.

“So who was it?” Lou asked as he began to set the table.

“Oh it was just Julie updating me on work” I lied putting my phone back down.

“When do you go back love?”

“Not sure yet, just trying to get things back together first”

“Well whenever you go back I bet it’ll be the best day of your bosses life” He said with a smile

“Thanks Lou” I said flashing a smile back “Dinner ready” I added taking the frying pan and carrying it over to the dining table.

We all began to eat and they told me about their day. It was really good to get some one on one time with the two of them, usually I’d be with Zayn but he was at his place so it was different. Talking with Lou was really good. I wasn’t as near as close to the other boys as I was with Zayn and Harry which was a really shame because I had so much in common with them.

Once we had finished eating we all helped to clean up the table, continuing our previous conversation. After conversating for about an hour or so it was starting to get a little late, They both insisted on me staying the night but they needed their space. One of the reasons i agreed on swapping with lou was so that he and El could have time together, it’s what any relationship needed.

Knowing Harry and I didn’t work out due to the fact that we  had separate schedules, me being in New York then him going on tour, us as a couple not getting much alone time really took a toll on me. I kindly refused the offer especially when I had to tell Zayn about what happened last night.


I said goodbye as I stepped out of the car, closing the back seat door behind me. I walked towards the door, the light of their reversing car shining against the house. I had the spare key Zayn had given me in my little purse and I let myself in.

“Hey I like this album” I mumbled to myself in appreciation to Zayn’s taste in music, he had one of The Weeknds albums on. It played through the house echoing through the hallways.

I walked into the lounge to see Zayn sitting on the couch.  He must’ve heard my footsteps from down the hallway because he was already facing me. His eyes looked dark and his jaw was tense as he furrowed his eyebrows at me.


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