Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


26. Goodbyes


Over the next few days I spent as much time as possible with everyone before I had to start packing and leave. We all went to the beach, the movies and had quiet nights in. We’d all hang out at each others places just doing nothing which was actually really fun. I got to spend a little one on one time with everyone which was great.

 Niall decided that we should go go-karting and Zayn just laughed and said that he shouldn’t underestimate me since the time we went to the arcade but Niall didn’t care and we went. Niall soon regretted his decision after I had won but it was still a really good day.

 Liam invited me to spend the day with him and Danielle which was great because Daniele and I really got along. We went out for lunch and to watch a movie. Watching the two of them together was like watching a cute romance movie, they made each other so happy and you could just tell they really had a future together.

Louis, El, Harry and I went on a double date to the aquarium. Lou had this crazy idea that he wanted to go swimming with the dolphins so we all thought why not. It was so fun to get out and see all the animals and not to mention how funny Lou looked in his diving gear. After the aquarium we had lunch at a small restaurant which was lovely and really romantic.

El and I got our much need best friend time together. We went on shopping trips together and Danielle was even able to join us a few times when she wasn’t working. We would also just hang out at our apartment watching girly movies and being lazy which was amazing.

Zayn and I didn’t go anywhere special really, we were more of the stay in and watch tv kind of people. We would hang out, order take away and just fall asleep after hours of laughter which was great and one of the main reasons I would love being around Zayn.

And Harry. Harry had been so amazing the last few days, I just didn’t want to leave his arms. I knew I was going to miss all the little things he would do like when he would shake his hair and fix it with his fingers or he would let a little smirk escape his lips and his dimples would start to show or even the way he would say um before a lot of his sentences.

“Babe, are you awake?” Harry said looking over me as I was lying on his lap.

“mmm” it wasn’t a word more of a sound to answer his question.

“You still haven’t packed yet and you’re leaving tomorrow” He said

“Aww but I don’t want to pack yet, can’t I just wake up early in the morning and do it” I said giving a pout

He just laughed before replying “Then you’ll be in a rush, come on I’ll take you”

“Hold up i’ll just grab some of my things from here first” I said walking into the closet.

“Babe, do you have a bag I can borrow” I asked popping my head out the door to see he was already coming in.

“Yeah you can use this one” He said grabbing a bag from one of the shelves at the top.

I placed the bag next to me and started to sort out the clothes I was taking and what I wasn’t then throwing them in the bag. I can across one of Harry’s t-shirt in my pile of clothes and I picked it up, I could smell his cologne on it and I knew I was going to miss that smell. I crawled over to Harry’s clothes and brought them over to my bag.

“What are you doing babe” He laughed while eating a bowl of cereal even though it was the afternoon.

“Just packing a few shirts” I said casually.

“Yeah but those are mine?”

“I know that silly but I need something to remind me of you” I gave him a smile.

“Well aren’t you a little cutie” He said scrunching up his nose to me.

“Well that’s that packed” I picked up the bag and walked back into his room.

Harry went to the kitchen to put his bowl down before coming back in. “I’ll get this love” He said picking up my bag and walking me to the car.


After Harry and I went back to mine we spent all afternoon trying to decide what I should take and what I should leave. Since I was going for a bit over 2 months then I figured I’d take alot of clothes. After we had finally finished packing we were so tired that we fell straight asleep as soon as we layed down. The next morning Harry and I were woken up by the alarm I had set last night.

“Oh my gosh, please stop” I mumbled as I tried to find my alarm clock. I finally found it and turned it off before just laying there now awake.

“I’m going to New York” I said quietly to myself but I guess it wasn’t as quiet as I thought since Harry heard me.

“I know and I’m going to miss you like crazy, two months without my Belles” He said sitting up and pulling me in.

“Don’t worry, we can Skype every night so I can see you, all of yous” I said as he played with my hair.

“You do realise there’s a time difference right?” He laughed

“Yeah but we’ll work around it” I looked up at him smiling and he placed a kiss on my lips. His kiss lingered and I just didn’t want it to be the last and since Harry began to kiss my neck I knew he thought the same.

“I think we’ve got enough time for a little fun before you have to leave” He said biting his lip and the lust growing in his eyes.


Before Harry drove me to the airport we stopped by Louis because everyone was there and I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. After saying goodbye to everyone and even tearing up a little bit Harry drove me to the airport and Zayn, Lou and El came too.

“You make sure you call us when you get there right” Lou said pulling me in for a hug.

“And you make sure you buy lots of amazing things for us all” El said as she was next to say goodbye.

“I got you a little teddy to keep you company on the plane” Zayn said before showing the teddy he was hiding behind his back.

“Naww I love giraffes, they’re..”

“Your favourite” He finished before handing me the teddy and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Harry was the last person I had to say goodbye to and I jsut didn’t want to and neither did he. He nodded his head towards my gate and I quickly said goodbye before jogging to catch up with him. After I spotted Julie at the gate that’s when I knew it was time.

“I’m really going to miss you Belles, make sure you call me the second you land” He insisted in his strick boyfriend voice, his eyes starting to water a bit.

“Yes I know” I laughed.

“and you make sure everyone over there knows I’m your boyfriend”  Which caused me to laughed.

“Yes, anything else babe?” I said before kissing him.

“I love you” he said to me and letting me go.

“I love you too” I said while walking over to Julie blowing him a kiss.

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