Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


13. Going out


I was almost finished work so I packed all my stuff up early and pulled out my phone. I had been very hesitant about tonight because the thought just kept coming up. I wasn’t going to go if I had to sit there and watch Rosie pretending to be in a relationship with the guy I liked so I had to text Harry.

To: Harry Styles

Harry... this party, it’s for you and Rosie isn’t it?

I didn’t beat around the bush to ask him because I needed to know what I was doing tonight. Harry texted back almost instantly and I just looked at my phone nervous to see what he had to say.

From: Harry Styles

Love it’s not about Rosie, all I have to do is walk in with her and walk out and I know that it wasn’t fair for you so I sorted it out, Rosie and I have separate VIP areas. We even have a private after party so we can spend time together xx

After reading his text I felt a bit happier, he was really making an effort to make sure I was comfortable with the situation we were in.

To: Harry Styles

Thank you for doing that, it’s really sweet of you! And what time is everyone going? xx

I looked at the time and it was alright for me to leave, I started walking to the lift with my phone in my hand waiting for Harry to text back. I said by to everyone in my area and went to find Julie because we would usually walk out together. After I found her we just laughed about how funny our prank was as we walked out. My phone vibrated in my hand and it was Harry.

From: Harry Styles

Anything for you babe ;) and we’ll talk about it when you finish xx

“Wait when I finish?” I thought to myself but when I looked up I knew exactly what he meant. I watched as harry go out of his car and started walking towards me, I just shook my head and smiled.

“Seriously Harry, Do you want to get in trouble with the management” I said as he just laughed and gave me a hug, alot longer than we should have.

“Oh my god, its Harry Styles” Julie teased.

“Seriously, the two of you are going to pay for that little prank you pulled”

“Oh I’m sure... well I’m off, i’ll talk to you later Belles” Julie said waving as she walked away.

“Let’s go” Harry said leading me to his car. I got in and we drove towards Lou’s apartment.

“Hey how come we’re going back to Lou’s?” I asked because I had noticed that we were going in the direction of my apartment.

“Oh Lou took El back to your apartment earlier today so that she could get dressed, she grabbed a whole bunch of stuff for the two of you tonight so you can get ready there” He said giving me a smile.

I just shook my head and enjoyed the drive back since work was really tiring.  He held onto my hand while he drove and it was just so cute. When we got back to the apartment I was just so tired that I wanted to have a nap before going out and Harry said it was fine for me to crash in the room he would usually sleep in so I did.

I didn’t actually realise I had fallen asleep until I heard people talking. I could hear Harry’s voice but my eyes weren’t open yet.

“Liam we won’t be late.... just let her sleep a little longer, she’s tired from work.... Liam it’s fine”

I slowly fluttered my eyes open and I saw Harry walking around the without a shirt in. I just stared at him for a second admiring his body before he seen I was awake.

“Look what you did Liam, you woke her up with the yelling” Harry said walking over to me.

He placed a small kiss on my forehead. “How was your nap?”

“It was good... hey how long was I asleep for” I asked while yawning and stretching my arms out.

“A bit over an hour” he said looking for a shirt to wear.

Once I had realised the time I started to get ready, I had a shower then I curled hair so it was curly than my naturally wavy hair. I looked at the dress El want to me to wear and giggled a bit because I knew she had chosen it out to get Harry’s attention and that’s exactly what it did. I walked out of the bathroom and he was sitting on the bed looking at his phone.


“So... how do I look?” I said as a spun around a little to see. His jaw just dropped and he just sat there looking at me with his mouth open.

“Harry please” I said giving a little pout. He stood up and put his hands on either side of my face.

“You look absolutely breathe taking love, trust me” He leaned in and placed a little kiss on my forehead. I switched of the bathroom light and he led me out into the lounge with his arm around my waist. As I walked in Zayn, Liam and Niall just stared at me with their mouths open, Liam tore his eyes away because Danielle was here but Zayn and Niall just stood there staring.

“Hey!” Harry said once he realised they were. They both just laughed at each other but Harry looked at me with a little pout, he looked so cute. I just gave him a little hug to reassure him.

“Come on Lou, we’ve got to go” Harry’s said walking down the hallway to find him so I decided to walk over to Liam and Danielle.

“Hey, I’m Isabelle or Belle” I said leaning in to hug her. “Danielle but please just call me Dani, I’ve heard too much about you”

“I hope they were all nice things” i said looking towards Liam and laughing.

“Oh you know Liam, he has only the best things to say” She said leaning in and kissing him. They were so adorable together.

“How was your lunch, Liam said that the restaurant was so amazing that I had to book for it asap” I said giving a little laugh.

“Oh the food there was absolutely amazing!” She was using her hands to gesture how amazing it was.

“I have reservations for tomorrow so if it’s not amazing you’re paying for it” I said jokingly.

We talked a little bit more and I got to know Dani a bit more. She was such a nice girl which was perfect because Liam was such a nice boy. After about 5 minutes Harry finally came back down the hallway with Louis and El who looked amazing. The cars were downstairs so we had to leave, we all took a quick shot before heading downstairs.

“To tonight” Niall said as he held his glass in the air and so we all raised our glasses to his,

“To tonight”


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