Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


55. Getting Ready


Belles POV

The next morning I was woken up to the door bell. It rang about three times which made me realise Zayn wasn’t waking up anytime soon. I got up out of bed and answered the door and it was Lou. She was dropping off Zayns clothes for the party tonight before going over to the other boys and dropping theirs off too.

I took the clothes off her and walked back inside when she left. I took it into his room and hung it on his bathroom door so that he would see it when he woke up and went back to sleep myself.


“Wake up Belles” Zayn’s voice spoke tearing me awake from my dream “It’s lunch time”

“What?” My voice croaked

“Half the days gone now wake up before the other halfs gone too” He babbled on but I placed the pillow over my head and let out a small moan, hinting him that I didnt want to wake up.

“Oh no you don’t” Zayn mumbled before pulling the blanket off of me “I’ve even made us some brunch so get up before it gets cold” He said drumming his hands on my back

I didn’t say anything for a few seconds. I pulled the pillow off my head and turned to look at him “Did you make pancakes?”

He shook his he whilst laughing quietly to himself “Do you even have to ask”

“Yay pancakes for lunch” I said jumping out of the bed like a little kid

“Oh sure so now you get up” he said from behind me as he followed me into the kitchen.

I leaned on the bench to look over at the food he had made “wow someone had a lot of spare time this morning”

“well we have a big night ahead of us and this is how I like to prepare” He said while showing an entire pancake in his mouth at once causing me to laugh

“Oh Lou came by this morning, I put your clothes in your room”

“Oh yes, I seen it-“ He began with a mouth full of food before he stop to chew a little more “I seen it hanging on the door when I went to pee, thanks for grabbing that”

“No problem, my body probably though it was another day hence why I woke up at lunch”

He shoved another Pancake in his mouth before getting off the stool “Alright well I have to go pick somethings up but I’ll see you later on love”


At around 5:30 I decided start getting ready. Zayn thought it would be a good idea aswell since I take ‘forever’ to get ready according to him. I went into the room to plan out what I was going to do. Laying down on the bed I made a plan,I’d have a nice long bubble bath and then wash my hair, dry it while doing my makeup and then of course, getting dressed.

I layed on the bed for a while just playing on my phone and texting else. She said she was going at around 7:30 as well so hopefully we got there around the same time. Almost half an hour had past and I still hadn’t made any progress on getting ready so I gathered all my things and quickly dashed to the bathroom.

“You’re getting ready right Belles?” Zayn called out from down the hallway

“Uh yeah, just forgot something” I said before closing the bathroom door behind me.

I ran myself a bath as I pressed my dress to my body, trying to decided which pieces of jewellery would go best with it, Mentally planning what shoes I was going to wear at the same time. I had decided to with a pretty yet casually theme with light colours, that way I wouldn’t be over or under dressed. I tied my hair up into a high bun a slipped into the warm bath water, allow myself to relax in its heat.

Once my bathing and hair was done I grabbed the robe that was hanging on the towel rack and wrapped it around my body, allowing it to cover and dry myself as I focused on my hair and makeup. I let the bath water out and dried the floor so I could stand on it. I tried looking for my brush but it wasn’t in the bathroom.

“Are you kidding me” I mumbled to myself. No problem it was only a quick dash across the hallway and up a little bit and I was there. I stod at the door not wanting to escape the warmth that was trapped in the room because I knew how cold it would be out there. I took in a deep breath and in one quick motion I swung the door open, quickly jogging out the door before I smacked into Zayn, my body falling onto his.

“Ahhhh!” He screamed as we collided. I used my arms to push myself up then noticing he only had his boxers on.

“Where are your clothes?” I asked as I made sure my robe was completely closed, tightening the draw string around my waist.

“I’m was about to put them on, lucky I didn’t or else you would’ve got my entire out wet” he joked

“Whatever Malik, just go put some close on” I said turning back to him as I walked towards the room

“Hey, I’ve got on more clothes than you” he said flashing a wink

I shook my head and grabbed my brush from the room. I went back into the bathroom and blow dried my hair but I didn’t bother to straighten or curl since that would take took. I decided on leaving it in its natural state which was wavy.

Once my hair was done, make up applied, jewellery on and dress now on, I was ready to go. I walked into the lounge where Zayn was calling out my name, telling me hurry up. My heals clicked against the wooden floors as I hurried towards him.

Once I was met by a very nicely dressed Zayn in a plain white top covered and his necklaces falling onto of iby a black leather jacket matched with black jeans.

Zayn’s eye grew bigger once they made contact with me “So…. How do I look?” I said turning around so he could see me from all angles

“Belle’s you look ….” He said before moving his hands around showing he didn’t know what to say “Amazing”

“Thank you, you don’t look to bad yourself love” I replied

“Well I guess we better get going, you’ve got some heads to turn”


Belle’s Outfit :
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