Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


2. Dinner For One


I had just finished work at the same time i did everyday but today i had to stay in a little bit longer so i could prepare everything for tomorrow. Tomorrow the boys of One Direction were coming into the studio and I had to interview them because well it was my job. I know alot of girls go crazy just to breathe the same air as them but i was very calm since I met celebrities everyday and I was use to it by now.  As i was typing away at my computer my phone started vibrating against the desk, it was a text from Els.

From: Eleanor Calder

Hey Belles! Are you still at work or are you back at the apartment now... i have so much to tell you, my date is going so well! we're like a house on fire together! text me back soon, love youx

I laughed at how excited she was because one of her friends set her up on a blind date and she was so nervous that she almost didn't go.

To: Eleanor Calder

Hey love, i'm just finishing up some extra work down at the studio but i want to hear all about this guy! love you too x

I replied to her then started to close my laptop and grab my coat so that i could get to the shops before they closed. I planned on working alot longer but since Els was out for dinner, i had to get something just for me. We usually would go to this little Italian restaurant around the corner from our apartment so I was hoping that i would get there in time. I caught a taxi because i knew if i walked i'd never get there in time and i just wasn't up for cooking right now. As i got into the cab and told the driver our adress i got another text.

From: Eleanor Calder

Honestly, i dont know where to begin! He is soooo good looking, he's funny, he's got a little bit of edge to him and there's just something about him that just clicked! And Belles remember how i told you one of my friends was the one who set thing date up...

I was so happy for her, she really did deserve her perfect guy because she had been waiting so long for him to come around, although i did notice that she was being a little sneaky towrd the end of her message.

To: Eleanor Calder

I'm so happy for you babe! Get in there, don't be afraid ;) and yes i do haha is there a reason though? x

I sent the message quickly as the taxi had arrived at the little restaurant and i seen the owner, Mr Binachi packing in the tables. i quickly paid the taxi driver and gave him a tip before running out of the cab.

"Is there any chance i could grab something quickly" I asked politely

"Oh, my little Isabella, of course you can, come in, come in" He motioned towards the inside of his resturant.

He unstacked one of the tables down and patted the seat so i would sit down.

"How come you are all alone little bella, Is everything alright with Ms Eleanor" He was so caring towards the two of us since we had been coming here since we were little.

"Oh yeah everythings fine, she's just got a date tonight and i had to work tonight so i thought id stop in" I began to explain

"Isabella, you deserve to meet a nice boy who takes you on date too you know, it's always work work work and no time for yourself" He was such a wise person that i know he was right.

My phone vibrated against the table and it was a texted from El. I motioned my hands towards my phone to check if it was okay for me to check it while he was talking.

"No no no, you go right ahead, i'll go make your food so i don't hold you up any longer" He said so kindly as he walked towards the back of the resturant.

I just smiled and looked down and at my phone to read the text.

From: Eleanor Calder

Oh i will ;) well i wanted to thank him for setting me up on such a perfect date that i though maybe i'd set him up on one too .... with you and i know you will say you have to work but please the both of you deserve it and i know him, he's a really sweet guy, he's alot like you actually so please atleast think about it xxx

I must admit at first i instinctively thought of a number of excuse to get me out of it so i could focus more on work but then i thought about what Giovanni had just told me, about how I deserve to meet a nice boy and how it's always work work work so i piked up my phone and replied.

To: Eleanor Calder

Okay i'm in :) Just tell me when and where and Els, i'm trusting you when you say he's a catch alright x

I put my phone back into my back so that i didn't feel rude infront of Mr. Binachi. He came from the back with a large plate of food and we sat there talking for a while whilst eating. when I had finished my food i took it to the back to help wash up. I then help him finish stacking the rest of the tables and close up his shop.

"Thank you so much for tonight Mr. Binachi, i'm sorry i kept you back so late" i said as i pulled money out from my wallet to pay for the dinner.

"Haha Isabella i told you, you can call my Giovanni and no you keep your money, it was very good to have some one on one time with you again" he said as he shook his head to my money 

"Mr Bin.... Giovani" i corrected myself "Please take it because i can't leave if you don't, if you don't want to take it for yourself then take it for your two daugthers, i know they're saving up for college" i said trying to persuade him.

"Fine but for my daughters" He said as he took the money

I started to smile and walk away before i heard him call out to me.

"My little Bella, you really do deserve a good guy and when you find one, make sure you bring him around here okay" he said with a smile and a wave.

I laughed a little "Okay, say Hi to Mrs. Binachi and the girls for me alright"

As i started walking i pulled my phone out from my purse to check if El had replied to my text earlier.

From: Eleanor Calder

Woah just like that? I dont even have to try and bribe you into it ;) Okay i'll have everything sorted and i'll get back to you love xxx

I had just got into our apartment and i was so tired that i just fell back onto my bed. i quickly replied to El so i wouldnt forget.

To: Eleanor Calder

Just like that :) x

I tapped send and I almost instantly fell asleep.  

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