Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


45. Different Day, Same Problems


Zayn’s POV

After Belles had said yes to hanging back at my place I went to grab my coat and say goodbye to everyone. I didn’t know if her coming back to mine was going to be a good idea or not because ever since she had gotten back from New York, something had changed about her, I saw her in a different light but how could I be so stupid to like one of my best friends especially when she’s going out with another. I had to re-assure myself that I didn’t like her that way, just as best friends.

Belle’s POV

We had gotten back to Zayns and the ride back was pretty simple with Zayn talking about how excited and amazing tonight’s show was and my occasional nod of the head. We walked inside and all I could think about still was Harry, I don’t understand how he could forget our anniversary, I thought that it would’ve meant a lot to him. I was lost in thought before Zayn began talking to me.

“Okay so what’s really up” He asked taking off his coat and look over at me as I stood in the open entrance looking at my phone, pretending I actually using it.

I looked up at him and a wave of sadness came across me just thinking about it “Maybe I’m pushing him away” was all I managed to get out.

Zayn looked at me with a confused look “What?”

“Do you think I pushed Harry away, you know, going to New York then sticking up for Mason all the time, Do you think I’m the reason Harry’s sad” I asked turning to him

Zayn walked up to me and pulled me into his arms “Belles, what are you talking about, you haven’t done anything wrong, Harry loves you”

“Then how could he forget our anniversary” I said tears beginning to fill up in my eyes “and it’s just, I asked him if he wanted to get dinner or something and he didn’t, he’d rather be with Ed, we’ve been fighting a lot as well and he just wont get over the whole Mason thing”

“Oh Isabelle, don’t cry” He said looking down at me, he didn’t really know what to say to me so he just tried his best to comfort me.

“I’m sorry I’m being silIy” I said before I wiped the tear from my cheek “Do you mind if I go crash in the spare room, I think I’m just a little tired”

“Yeah sure, make yourself at home” He said placing a kiss on the top of my head.

I borrowed one of Zayns baggy shirts and put it on as a nighty so that I wasn’t sleeping in uncomfortable clothes. I layed down and just thought about everything that was actually going on. I decided to text some friends that were close but didn’t know the situation I was in to have an outside opinion on what to do. Most of what I got back was the same but the most clearest and outstanding reply was that I was ‘letting him walk all over me’ and I don’t think they meant it in a harsh way but in a way meaning that if this was what our relationship was turning into then I was the one who was going to get hurt from it and after hours of thinking I fell asleep with that though in my head.


The next morning I had woken up at my own time again. I got out of the bed and walked through Zayn’s apartment to see if he was awake yet or even still here but he wasn’t, fortunately he had made me breakfast and left it on the bench, I walked up to the food and it smelt so nice and it was still a bit warm so I knew he hadn’t left too long ago. Next to the food was a small note in Zayn’s handwriting

Good morning love,

I know you had a rough night last night so have something to eat, relax and coming down only if you’re up for it x


I put the note to the side and ate what Zayn had prepared for me, it was pancakes with strawberries and bacon and eggs which I thought was really cute since it was the afternoon. While I was eating I sat there and thought about Harry and I, I had decided that I wouldn’t get upset about things, I’d talk to Harry about them. Talking always helps fix things so that’s exactley what I was going to do, fix things.

After eating I grabbed some of Zayns sweats and drove over to my apartment to get some clothes. When I walked in there were a lot of bags in the lounge since Lou was stay at our place for a while his apartment was getting renovated, Lou and El must’ve brought them over last night after the concert. After getting dressed I did the usual routine and drove down to see everyone.

I went inside and went backstage; I saw Eleanor and Danielle who were standing with Paul watching the boys from the side making sure everything was fine and a few other people backstage as well who were friends of the boys like Grimmy and Andy. I walked over to Els and waited for the rest of the show to finish and after about an hour or so it was. The boys came off breathing heavy out of excitement and everyone went in for a group hug.

“You came” Harry said walking over to me with his arms open pulling me in for a hug

“Of course I did” I said with a smile although I was still a little upset

He kissed my forehead in the usual spot “Was a little worried though, thought you would’ve came back last night”

“Yeah I was meant to text you but I feel asleep. I was thinking maybe we could stay in and talk tonight?”

He pouted a little before replying “Sorry love but I’ve already told Nick that I’d do something with him”

I let out a sigh and pulled out of his grip “Of course” I mumbled under my breath but Harry had heard me.

“Oh come on Belles do be like that” He said trying to pull me back in “it’ll be fine”

And the second he said that I just broke down inside, I was sick of everyone telling me that everything was going to be, it wasn’t. Everything that was meant to be ‘fine’ had just built up inside of me and holding everything in had its down sides. I took a step away for him before finally saying something

 “No Harry it’s not ‘fine’, nothing is fine… we’re not fine”


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