Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


34. Days Like Old Times


El and I decided to spend the next day shopping, we were walking down the street looking at the shops ahead and looking in the windows. We came to a shop with mannequins wearing beautiful bras in the window, we looked at the sign and it was victorias secret.

“Can we go in?” I said turning to Els

“Sure” She said giving a smile “Looking for anything in particular?”

“Well since we’re going home next week I thought I’d get a little souvenir for Harry” I said giving a wink

“Oh I like how you’re thinking, I might get a little something for Lou as well” She smiled back.

We walked around the shop before I found one that Harry would love, I picked up a beautifully laced red bra and matching bottoms and decided that this was the one. After El and I had brought what we wanted we left the store and continued our shopping. We ended up buying everything from make up to shoes and dvd’s to food.

When we got back to the apartment we dropped all the bags in my room and went back to sit on my couch. We were watching tv before Harry had texted me.

From: Harry Styles

Hey babe you girls free? Skype me when you can, Lou’s here with me, love you xx

I read the text out aloud so that El could hear and she said that was fine so we went into my room and pulled out the laptop. El turned it on and began to log in.

“Want me to order chinese, I’m too tired to cook and I doubt you’re over the moon to cook too” I called out as I walked towards the kitchen to get the phone.

“Yes please, can you just get the usual” She yelled back.

I decided to call Julie to see if she was coming back tonight since she had been staying at Adams, one of Mason’s friends that  she was introduced to through work. He was a really sweet American guy that was pretty much the boy version of her which is why they got along so well.

“Hey love”

“Hey Belle’s what’s up?”

“I was just going to order some food and I was wondering if I should order enough for you or not?”

“Oh no that’s fine love, Adam and I are going out for dinner”

“Okay love, I’ll let you get back to it then”


After calling Julie I called room service and ordered the food, the man said that it should be here soon so all we had to do is wait. I walked back into my room and seen El talking to the boys, I jumped onto the bed next to her and said hello.

“BELLES!” They both yelled in unison.

“Hey guys” I said with a smile.

“Finally, I couldn’t wait to see you” Harry said showing of his signature dimples.

“Very cheesy Styles” Louis said nudging him but I just blushed “Naww look she’s blushing” He said which made El look at me and give me a small hug.

“But we need to talk to you guys” Harry said turning very serious.

“About?...” We both said very questionable.

“Well we’ve been thinking and…” Harry started before Louis began to finish his sentence.

“We thought that maybe the two of you would like to come on tour with us”

“What?!” We both gasped.

“Well since the start of our tour we’re doing multiple shows at the o2 arena, we thought that you guys could come with us and hang backstage and watch us and then if you like it you can come on the rest of the tour with us, Liam’s even going to ask Danielle if she wants to aswell” Louis explained.

We both turned to each other and let out little squeals while hugging each other.

“So is that a yes…?” Harry asked

We looked at each other before replying “We would love to!”

“YES!” They both cheered which made us ‘naww’

“We better not mess up any of the songs then” Harry joked causing us all to laugh before I heard a knock on the door.

“And that would be the Chinese” I said before getting up.

I answered the door and sure enough it was the food. I paid the guy and gave him a tip before closing the door and going back to the room.

“Babe, we’re going to have to go, our food just got here” I said to Harry.

“Aww I’ll talk to you tomorrow, love you” He said blowing a kiss.

“I love you too” I replied blowing one back and El and Lou both did the same.

“Oh wait one second” Harry called out causing us to stop.


“We seen a photo of you two shopping today” Harry said looking at Louis and they both started laughing.

El and I both let out a laugh because we knew where this was going. “Yeah we just bought a few things” Eleanor casually replied.

“At Victoria’s Secret babe?” Louis said giving a wink

“Yeah, I need new make up for work” I lied while both of us tried to hold back the laughs.

“Oh” They replied both of their facial expressions were priceless.

“Well we have to go now, Dinners going to get cold” I said again.

“Okay bye love you both” They both said and we said it back in return.

El and I shut the laptop and walked into the lounge, we decided to spend our nights how we use to back home with take away and a DVD. We decided to watch Dear John so I put the dvd in while El ran and got some blankets. Watching the movie made me begin to think.

“Do you think that If I go away again for work Harry would find someone else…. Like to replace me?”

“What are you talking about?” She laughed.

“You know, like what if I was John, do you think that it would be too much for Harry and he would just find better”

“Oh Belles you know he’ll always be there for you”

“But do you think he would?” I asked her

“While he goes on tour are you going to try replace him or find someone else?” She asked back

“You know I wouldn’t”

“Well the same goes for him, he’s one of your best friends and best friends are always there for each other. You’ve got me, Harry, Zayn, even Julie and Mason and we’d never replace you for the world” She said in a cooing voice which made me smile.

“You always know what to say” I said pulling her inn for a hug.

“That’s because you worry too much” She laughed “You just need to worry less, everything’s going to be fine”

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