Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


7. Blind Date

“Harry why are you here and how do you know where I live?” I asked sounding a bit freaked out.

“wait this is your apartment?…” I just nodded

“and you know Eleanor? ” he continued

“Yeah she’s my roommate, wait how do you know her?”

“Well she was a friend of a friend and I thought that her and Lou would be cute together to I set them…” I cut him off

“Oh my gosh! The guy El went on a date with the other day was Louis” I had put everything together in my head. So Harry had originally set Louis and Eleanor up on a date and in return they set him up with me.

Harry giggled to himself before talking “so erm… are we still gonna... ya know… go out tonight?” He was looking down at the ground while fiddling with his thumbs.

I was still confused about the whole situation but I knew ells would be mad after all the effort she had put into tonight and besides Harry and I had hung out a bit earlier so I knew he was a really nice guy.

“Why not” I said with a smile. I walked down the hallway and grabbed my purse and coat before walking back to Harry. “Alright then let’s go”. I closed the door behind me and we walked out of the apartment. I looked up at him “So where are we going”. He was looking around and he looked like he was thinking because he was playing with his lips. He paused for a second before replying. “well I had reservations at an overly fancy restaurant because Louis thought that it would impress you but you don’t look like that type of girl and I seen this smaller resturaunt on the way here that I think you might like better, it looked beautiful”

I was flattered at the fact that Harry had changed his plans to try and suit me. I have to admit that if he did take me to an overly fancy restaurant I would’ve thought he was trying to show off or trying to buy me so it was really sweet. If the new place he took me to was a place I really did like then I would be impressed.

“That’s really sweet” Harry flashed me a smile and his dimples started to show. He went to the passangers door of his ranger rover and opened it for me. I hoped in and it had really nice interior. He jogged around to his side of the car which made me smile and he got in and he just looked at me for a second.

“Okay so the restaurant isn’t too far from here so I want you to close your eyes until we get there, I’ll tell you when we’re there and you can open your eyes and tell me if it was worth the risk” I thought it was a cute game he was playing so I agreed, I shut my eyes and he started to drive. Shortly after I felt the car come to a stop.

“We’re here Belle so tell me, did I make a good choice or…”

I opened my eyes to see the restaurant and just smiled, I didn’t answer him I just got out of the car and stood there waiting for him to get out too. He came up from behind me and placed his hand on my waist.

“Belles?”  I realised I hadn’t replied to him yet so I flashed him a smile and apologised.

“Sorry, it’s just that…” I was cut off by a very familiar voice

“My Little Isabella!” It was Mr Binachi and he was walking out of his restaurant. Harry looked at me and smiled.

“And who is this lovely gentleman you are with tonight”

“Mr Binachi, This is my date Harry, Harry this is a close family friend, Mr Binachi” I introduced them to each other.

“Please, call me Giovanni” He extended his arm and Harry shook his hand.

“It’s really nice to meet you” Harry was so polite.

“Hey you’re the singer right, my daughters they love you” He laughed because we both knew how much his two daughters were fans of One Direction

“Oh that’s so nice, I’d love to meet them someday”

“They would love that but please come in it’s too cold to be standing outside” Mr Binachi gestured as he lead up inside. It was really warm because there was a small fireplace at the back of the restaurant. Mr Binachi led up to the table in front of the fireplace and sat us down, it was the loveliest table in the entire restaurant and only the couples would sit here because it was so romantic.

Harry and I talked all night, we were constantly laughing and we got along so well. We had the loveliest food because Mr. Binachi was such a great cook. Harry had told me about how nice it was that he could finally go on a date without the paparazzi following him everywhere and how sometimes he would even miss the quite.

When we had finished Mr Binachi came over to our table so we could say goodbye.

“Thank you so much for tonight, I could eat here every day if I could!” Harry said complimenting his food.

Mr. Binachi gave him a small pat on the back “Oh it was my pleasure.” Harry had insisted on paying so after a while of protesting I finally gave in, harry paid for the dinner and gave him a tip too.

“Oh thank you Harry, you’re such a sweet boy” I started to walk out to the car before Mr Binachi called out to Harry and I overheard hat he said. “Harry, she is a very sweet girl, like my own daughter so please don’t hurt her” He was like a father figure to me but what really made me blush was when harry replied with “I promise I won’t”

Harry drove me home and after a bit of small talk we were back at my apartment. He walked me to the door and he placed a small kiss on my cheek as he said goodbye. This kiss was different to the others, the feeling  lingered on my cheek but I loved it. I smiled and watched him walk back to his car blushing with his head down trying to hide it. Before he got to the door of his car I yelled out to him

“Harry” he turned to face me. “I never answered you querion before but that was probably the best decision you could’ve made taking me there” He just smilled to himself and walked to his car. I walked inside my apartment with the biggest smile on my face, I pulled out my keys to open the door and my phone too. I got undressed and got into bed. I check the message I had on my phone and it was from zany.

From: Zayn Malik

I’m not sure when you get back but I’m going to sleep now so I’ll text you in the morning, Good night beautiful xxx

I let my head fall back as u sighed because I didn’t know what I was going to do about all this but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

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