Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


40. Back Home To London


Since Simon thought that it would be better if we go back a bit early, we began to pack up all my things. Simon said that my things would be shipped over to London within the next few days and that I only had to take the essentials like clothes and what not. I spend that last night with all the guys down at the studio, for the past two months they had been my new family. I could tell that the flight back was going to be pretty awkward because Mason was with us. El had originally had the window seat with me next to her, harry then Mason but Harry didn’t want to sit next to him for an 8 hr flight and he didn’t want El to swap with him either because then I’d be next to him and he was being so stubborn about it.

“Hey do you mind if I take the window seat?” I said to El while waiting to board our plane.

“Sure want me to take your seat?” She asked back

“Actually I was hoping if you could take Harry’s that way he could take mine” I began to explain “He’s being really stubborn and doesn’t want either of us sitting next to Mason for 8 hours”

“Typical Harry” El said laughing while shaking her head.

“Thank you so much” I said hugging her

“Just remember you can’t tell Lou were coming back”

“Oh who’s picking us up then?”

“Probably Zayn, Lou’s staying at Liam’s tonight to keep him away”

“Shit, I haven’t gotten Zayn anything” I said after realising I promised I’d bring him something back

“I guess we could quickly go to the shops in here”

“We’ll go quickly because I think the plane will board soon” I said before we quickly ran off to one of the shops. I grabbed so much different kinds of candy, chocolate and chips because I knew how much Zayn loved days in. I told El to just scoop up random food and place it on the counter as I did the same. It ended up being 4 bags full but I knew Zayn would’ve loved it. We ran back to harry and Mason and tried to fit the food into our bags before boarding it.

“Time to go home” I said grabbing Harry’s hand and walking onto the plane.


Since we had left in the morning none of us were really tired, we didn’t sleep on the plane we just watched tv, enjoyed the view and ate a bit. Due to the time change and the long flight it was night time in London although it still felt like the afternoon. We got off the plane and grabbed our luggage before starting to walk around the airport to find Zayn. After wondering around for about 5 minutes I had spotted a guy with jet black hair, not in the usual quiff but down, wearing a leather jacket and jeans. He was looking all around the airport but his eyes stopped when they met mind and a smile came onto his face.

“MALIK!” I yelled dropping my bags and running over to him.

“ISABELLE!” He screamed back doing the same. He pulled me into his arms and picked me up before spinning me around.

“I missed you so much” I said wrapping my arms around his neck

“I missed you too” He replied softly

I pulled my head away from his so that I could see his face but we were still hugging “I got you something”

“You remembered?” He said a with a big smile smile on his face.

“How could I forget” I began to laugh but Harry was now behind me. He stood there clearing his throat and we both got what he was trying to say. Zayn let me go and I took a step back before grabbing my bags off Harry.

“Hey mate” Zayn said hugging Harry

“Hey” he replied hugging him back, he wasn’t mad at Zayn, he could never be mad at him since they were brothers, Zayn just didn’t know what was going on.

“El” Zayn said with a smile and giving her a kiss on the cheek “Hey Zayn” she kissed him back

“And you must be Mason?” He said extending his hand out politely

Mason shook it back “And you must be Zayn”

“Great now that we all know each other can we please go” El said with a laugh.

“Are you coming with us mate?” Zayn said turning to Mason “Oh no, Simon arranged for a car to take me to my hotel since I don’t know which one it is”

“Oh okay, let’s go then” He said turning to walk in the direction his car was, we said goodbye to Mason and followed Zayn.

Zayn was allowed to park in the private parking area so that people wouldn’t see us at the airport and Lou would know we’re back. It was so cold outside because I had gotten so used to the weather in America but Zayn said that it was fine because his car had a heater. El called shotgun so she was in the front with Zayn and Harry and I were in the back together.

“So you guys want to come back to mine, catch up?” Zayn said looking at Els then in the mirror at Harry and I.

“Yeah I’d love to, I’ve got so much to tell you” I said giving a smile.

“Actually Ed asked if I wanted to go out for drinks, do you mind babe?” He said turning to me.

“Oh no that’s fine, you go have fun” I said smiling back.

“Want me to drop you off at Ed’s? it’s on the way” Zayn asked with his eyes on the road.

“That would be great if you could”

“How about you El” Zayn asked turning his head a little.

“Could you drop me off at Lou’s, since he’s at Liam’s tonight I thought I’d set up his place” She said in a sweet voice knowing he wouldn’t say no if she did.

He agreed  and we dropped off Harry first “Please don’t get too drunk” I said to him before he slid out of the car.

“I won’t, I’ll call you later on tonight, have fun” He said before placing a kiss on my lips and closing the door. After we dropped off Harry we went by Lou’s Apartment to drop of El, she was planning a surprise for him which I thought was adorable.

“Thank you so much” She said leaning in and giving Zayn a kiss on the cheek and getting out of the car as I did the same.

“Call me tomorrow yeah?” I said giving her a hug and walking to the front seat

“I will, goodnight love” She said before walking up the stairs. I jumped in the front seat at put my hands in front of the heater since I was so cold after jumping out but Zayn just looked at me and laughed.

“So what did you bring back?” He said with his eyes locked on the road but his hand was trying to change the radio station.

“A brought a shitload of their lollies because I knew you’d be up for a night in”

“Very clever” he said smiling “I have a lot of dvd’s at my place, waliyha was over last week”

“Sounds great” I replied

“But you have to tell me whatever you were going to tell me about New York first”

“Fine but I’ll tell you when we get back to yours”



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