Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


19. Avoiding

It has been a few weeks now and Harry and I are still together. Since he has to start touring again soon all we’ve been doing is spending as much time together as possible. It’s like that first stage of a relationship where all you can do is feel so in love with them that you have to be together or else all you can do is miss them. The only time we wouldn’t be together was if I was either hanging out Eleanor, Zayn or at work. We we’re in a really good place so I didn’t want this stage to end, all I would do is dread the part where he would get sick of me or we start growing apart.

For the past couple of days it had felt like Harry was avoiding me and not in an obvious way but in a weird way. Whenever I would want to stay back at his apartment and have a lazy day he would try ship me off or make plans for me.

“Babe, there’s no food here and I’m hungry, want to go get something to eat” I yelled out to where ever Harry was.

“Sorry love but I have plans today, we talked about this last night” His voice came from the other side of his apartment.

I let out a sigh before pulling out my phone.

To: Zayn Malik

Once again Harry’s busy and I’m starving... breakfast?

I looked through the fridge to see if there was anything I could eat now that didn’t require cooking before my phone started to vibrate. I looked at my phone and it was a call from Zayn.

“Please tell me you’re not blowing me off two” I said in a sad tone.

He laughed a little before replying. “I’m not love but I’m just coming back from the shops because I just brought some food to eat at home. Want me to pick you up on the way back?”

“Yes please!”

“Alright, i’ll be there in about 5 – 10 minutes, You’re at Harry’s right”

“Yes and okay i’ll start getting ready now, bye!”

He said goodbye in return before I hung up the phone and ran down the hallway towards Harry’s room. I walked into his closet and went to the section where my clothes were. Most of my clothes were at his because Lou took El on a ski trip before they have to go back on tour and I didn’t want to be at the apartment by myself. Since we were just going to be hanging out at his apartment I thought I’d just stay in my pjs and throwing on a knitted top so I wasn’t that cold.


“Are you going out?” Harry said in between brushing his teeth, looking at me from the reflection of the bathroom mirror.

“Yeah I’m gonna go over to Zayn’s for a bit and have some lunch” I said walking towards him.

 “I’m sorry I can’t go out today but I love you, you know that right” He said bringing me into his arms.

“Yeah I do and I love you too”

“But?” Harry said with my face between his hands.

“But it’s like you’re pushing me away, before you were able to manage work and spending time with me but now it’s like you only have time for one” I said pouting.

He picked me up and put me on the bathroom counter. “I promise you that by the end of this week i’ll have everything sorted out and there will be no more work over you okay” He said placing a kiss on my chest.

“Harry, you know I can’t make you choose between me and your work” I said but he just ignored what I said and continued to place kisses on my collar bones



“I’m not going to stop until you agree with me” He said flashing his beautiful dimples

“Fine, you can have the week” I said giving into him. “But then you and I get to have our alone time after that right?” I added

“Why wait till then” He said with a smirk on his face leaning into kiss me. I kissed him back and I could feel the both of us smiling through the kiss before he picked me up, my legs wrapped around his waist and him carrying me into the room and dropping me onto the bed. He hovered over me with a smile on his face just smiling at me before we were interrupted by the door belling ringing. He let out a sigh and dropped his head.

“Zayn’s here”

“I’m sure he can wait 10 minutes” He said still grinning

“He might be able to but I can’t, I’m starving Harry” I said laughing then sliding out from under him and walker over to my bag.

“I’m coming” I yelled out to Zayn before picking up my bag and leaving.

“Babe” Harry said right behind me, I didn’t know that he was following me out so I jumped a little.He wrapped him arms around my waist as we walked towards the door “I love you” He said before biting my neck leaving a little mark there. I just giggled before replying “I love you too” before opening the door to see Zayn.

“Hey Belles, Hey Harry” He said then looking over my shoulder.

“Hey mate, text me later yeah, both of you” He said letting me out of his grip.

I turned around and placed a kiss on his lips before leaving with Zayn. The conversation between Zayn and I was filled with laughter like always although it was a cold morning and Zayn just loved to drive with the windows down so I didn’t want to be rude and wind them up.

“Love you’re freezing to death over there, want me to wind up the windows and put the heater on?” He asked

“No I’m fine, my ears are a little cold but my face likes the breeze” I said giving a smile.

“Here you can wear my beanie” He said taking it off and handing it to me. I put it on and looked at him before we both started laughing at how funny I looked.

“well I think I look cute” I said looking at myself in the mirror

“Yeah and you do love, especially with those slippers of yours” He said laughing at my bunny slippers.

“Hey these happen to be very comfortable” I said laughing as we pulled up to his place. There were a few paparazzi out the front of his house that probably seen him at the shops so they came back here so I helped Zayn with his groceries so I wouldn’t have to stand outside in my bunny slippers for much longer.

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