Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


27. Across The Pond

After our very long flight Julie and I were picked up by a driver to take us to where we would be staying for the next two months. I was way too tired from the flight to call Harry and I worked out that with the time difference it would be around 1 am because it was 8pm here. I decided to text Harry that I’ll call him tomorrow just incase I fall asleep now.

To: Harry Styles

Hey babe, we just got out of the airport now and going back to the hotel, I know it’s probably really late there and I’m super tired so I’ll call you in the morning, tell everyone I said hey, I love you xx

And just like I had predicted I had fallen asleep. Julie had woken me in what felt like no time. I looked out the window and there were so many lights it was so beautiful, we came to a very nice hotel which I guess was going to be our new home. Employees at the hotel helped us bring our bags up and as soon as I got inside I was asleep.


The first few days Julie and I had been here we just spent it unpacking and exploring the town which was really great but today was our first day of work and that’s what had both of us really excited.

“Wake up sleepy head, you don’t want to be late on your first day” She said while shaking me.

“Okay, okay mum” I complained while throwing the pillow next to me at her but she just threw it back.

“Ouch” I laughed

“Hey you started it” She called out from the bathroom.

I got up and had a quick shower before getting dressed.  I let my hair stay out and I put on some natural make up. The management had a car pick us up and take us there since we hadn’t actually been there before.

“I’m so excited” I whispered over to Julie and gave her a big smile.

“I know I’ve been waiting for years for a shot like this” She said with an even bigger smile on her face.

We walked in and were greeted by a man with a clipboard.

“Hey can I help you?” He said not taking his eyes of the clipboard.

“Yeah we’re Julie Wood and Isabella Johnson” Julie replied taking the lead.

“Oh yes, if you could just go down the hallway third door on your right, we’ll have someone with you right away” He said looking up giving a smile. We did as he said and went into the room. A minute or so later Michael walked into the room followed by Simon Cowell.

“Hello girls” Michael said greeting us.

“Isabella Johnson” I said extending my arm to Michael as Julie did the same to Simon. I then went introduced myself to Simon.

“Simon it’s so great to meet you, I’m Isabella Johson” I gave him a warm smile.

“I know who you are darling, I’ve heard only the best about you” He said giving me a hug which made me blush. “How are my boys” he added.

“They’re great, it was really hard leaving them” I confessed.

“Well don’t you worry Isabella this is going to pay off” He laughed.

“Please call me Belle” I offered before sitting down on the couch with Julie.

“Okay which one of you is hosting?” Michael said clapping his hands together and looking between the two of us.

“But we were told that we were both going to be hosting the xtra factor together?” I admit I was really confused.

“Didn’t Andrew tell you, one of you are the new host of xtra factor the other one is the host of the daily show” We both gasp at the massive opportunity that they were offering, we never expected to be offered such a big deal but only one of us could. Julie just looked at me with a worried look on her face before I began speaking.

“Well this is probably the biggest opportunity for the both of us but I can’t guarantee that Julie won’t let you down” I began to explain.

“Belles…” she began before I cut her off.

“No you’ve waited for this longer than me, you deserve it” I said giving her a hug.

“Well then Ms Wood please follow me and we’ll begin the tour” Simon said leading Julie out of the room.

“And please follow me Ms Johnson and we can begin our tour also” Michael said holding the door open.

Michael showed me through the building and in and out of rooms. After walking around with Michael for about 10 minutes he said he’d introduce me to my new co-host so in the mean time I was free to help myself to some food. I grabbed a plate of snacks and turned around to go find Michael but someone had just spilt there drink on me so I stod there frozen.

“Seriously, if I meet one more cute guy by them spilling their drinks on me I am going to scream” I thought to myself

“Oh my god I’m so sorry…. Wait you think I’m cute?” Oh my gosh I didn’t think that in my head I actually said it out loud!

“No” I lied because this boy was absolutely stunning, he was hot like really hot. He had light brown hair and it was the same kind of style as Zayn except a lot tidier and shorter. He had beautiful cheek bones and the same beautiful emerald eyes that I was in love with back home.

“I think my boyfriends cute” I playfully joked as I added that on.

“Boyfriend… got it” He laughed and I just smiled awkwardly on what was going on.

“Hey need a change of clothes, I could take you down to wardrobe to get you some, you know, to apoligise” He said with his hands in his pockets.

He led the way and I just followed him. We got to the wardrobe room and just like he said there were lots of clothes. He talked to one of the stylist before she welcomed me in and got me changed. After about 10 minutes I was no longer in coffee soaked clothes which felt nice.

“Isabelle!” Michael said as I walked into the hallway.

“Hey Michael” I replied casually.

“Okay so I can’t find where Mason I guess he’s gone on break or something”

“Mason?” I asked with not knowing who he was talking about.

“Yeah? The guy who had just spilt coffee on me said coming from behind me

“Mason! I’ve been looking for you everywhere, this is your new co-host please make her feel welcome” Michael said while walking away from the two of us.

“Oh so you’re the new  co-host” Mason asked.

“Yep that’s me, Isabella Johnson” I said giving a little smile.

“Mason Edwards” He smiled back at me and oh how beautiful it was.

After hours of talking and introducing me to everyone in the studio it was finally time to leave and I was waiting for Julie to finish before Mason came back up to me. He was a really nice guy and we got along really well, he was a naturally likeable person which was great since we were about to spend the next 2 months together.

“Hey Belles, would you like to come out to dinner with me and a couple of friends”

“Mason I already told you I have a boyfriend” I laughed

“Not like that but as like new best friends” he said nudging me.

“I’ve got one of them too”

“Boy bestfriend?” He said hopefully

“And that” I continued to laugh

“Fine friends, co-workers, acquaintances anything?” He said letting out a sigh, I could tell I was being a little too harsh for him and if I wanted things to go smoothly between the two of us I was going to have to give him a chance.

“Fine, Dinner but only as friends” I said giving a smile. “But I can’t tonight sorry I’ve got things to do” I added.

“That’s fine, dinner it is” He said as a smile grew on his face.


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