Life With One Direction

Isabelle tells her son Max about how she met his father. She starts telling the story to him but the dad is kept a mystery from you until the end so you can try guess who ends up the father and husband of this loving family! The story flashbacks to when she first met the boys, she does an interview and it all takes off from there! enjoy x


18. A Day In

Harry and I stood there hugging for a while before I had pulled out to dry my eyes.

“Please don’t ever cry again, it breaks my heart to see you sad” He said wiping a tear of my cheek.

“I’m sorry” I said giving a smile.

“What have you got planned for the rest of the day?” Harry asked wrapping his hands around my waist pulling me between his legs.

“Nothing, Zayn and I we’re gonna go get something to eat” I teased.

“Ha ha, very funny, what are you really doing” He laughed in such a sarcastic tone which made me laugh too.

“I have the rest of the day off so I thought I’d just spend it with you” I said placing my hands on his chest leaning in to kiss him before he pulled away and out of my grip.

“I can’t sorry, I’ve got a date with Rosie” He teased shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh you’re really funny” I said turning around grabbing the water bottle that was on the bench and squirting water at him but he was faster than me and he ran down the hallways. I chased after him not knowing the way around his house. I looked in the doors to see the bathroom and spare room until I came to a room with a massive king bed and clothes on the floor.

“I know you’re in here Harry” I said walking in with the water bottle in my hand.

I walked through his room observing everything in there before going to the en suite. I couldn’t find Harry anywhere so I decided to look in another room but before I could leave the room I heard a door open and his arms snaked around my waist form behind me within a few seconds. I giggled and kicked my legs around as he picked me up and placed me on the bed, his body hovering over mine. He leant down and placed a small kiss on my nose cause me to blush.

“You’re really cute you know that Styles”

“Cute? I thought I was funny” He teased.

“Where were you even hiding?” I said sitting up “I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find you”

“A great magician never reveals his secrets” He laughed at himself.

I stood up to see the door he had come out of and I pushed it open to see what was inside.

“Woah” I said looking into the door, it was a massive walk in closet. I turned around to face Harry who was lying on the bed watching me.

“Let me get this straight” I began. “You pretty much have a shopping mall in here yet you’re pretty much naked 80% of the time” I asked causing him to laugh.

“Hey, none of the clothes in there are as close to being as comfortable as me being naked, or to my sweats which are a close second” I just laughed at him

“Hey, want to just stay in for the rest of the day? I haven’t had a lazy day in a while” He asked using his puppy dog face.

“I’d love to” I said giving a smile.” Hey do you mind if I borrow one of your shirts I don’t feel like laying around in skinny jeans” I added.

“That’s fine, find whichever one you like the best” He insisted so I went in and looked at his clothes and trust me he had alot!  I finally found a sweater that looked super comfy so I took off my singlet and jeans and threw it on, it was the perfect length too.

As I walked out of the closet Harry just looked at me and giggled whilst shaking his head.

“What?” I asked curious at what was so funny.

“Oh nothing” He replied

“You can’t just laugh at me and then tell me nothing”

“Out of all the shirts in that entire closet you decided on that one... my favourite sweater” He was still laughing.

“Oh I can take it off if you’d like”

“Oh no that’s fine, besides I think it looks better on you” He teased.

“Why thank you” I laughed back before jumping the bed next to him.

“Pick out some TV shows or movies we can watch and i’ll get some food” He said getting up and handing me the remote.

After about 5 minutes Harry came back into the room standing at the door.

“Erm, well I don’t have any food since we just finished the tour and I had been staying with Lou but there’s a little shop down the road, i’ll just go for a walk down there... do you want to come?” He asked really nervously because we had never actually gone out in public as a couple before.

“Of course, just let me put my pants back on” I said letting out a little laugh. “Do you mind if I wear your sweater, I don’t want to have to get changed into my singlet and coat” He said that was fine and I put my pants on. We walked down to the shop together hand and hand and it was really sweet. We both just picked out as much junk food as we wanted and took it to the counter to pay for it. Before leaving we seen a few people taking photos of us but we just ignored them.

“Harry, are the two of you dating”

“Harry, Isn’t that your sweater”

They kept asking questions but we kept ignoring them, only answering question about our day.

Harry leant towards me and whispered in my ear “When I say go run okay?” I just laughed and agreed.

We walked out of the shop with our food in bags and people around us. “1...2...3... GO!” Harry yelling the go. He took my hand and we ran down the street until no one was following us anymore. We stopped to catch our breathe before breaking out into laughter at what we had just done. We got inside and we put all the food on the counter. I helped Harry unpack all the food and place it where it need to go, leaving out the food that we were about to eat.

We took the food into his room and cuddled up together as he turned on the TV.

“You do realise that people took photos of us running away together hand in hand and I’m pretty sure those photos are going to get around” I said laughing.

“That’s okay, Just a better way to let everyone know you’re my girlfriend” He said looking down to me with his dimple showing.

“Oh so I’m your girlfriend now, that weird cause I don’t remember agreeing on that” I teased

He let out a small giggle before talking again. “Fine... Isabella Johnson, will you please make me the happiest man ever and say you’ll be my girlfriend” He said rather sarcastically.

“I don’t know, I’d have to think about it” I kept teasing him which made him tickle me until I couldn’t breathe.

“Okay stop, stop, stop” I managed to say in between my laughs “I’d be honoured to be your girlfriend” I said giving a big smile and kissing him. For the rest of the day we sat around eating junk food and watch TV and it was perfect, everything was just perfect.

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